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The amount of users that have access to the internet has risen a lot in the past 10 years. That means more and more people have access to the internet thus buying and selling stuff over the internet. And that is good news for entrepreneurs and people having or wanting to launch online businesses. But the problem is if you want to have an online presence, then you will need a website. And for that, you need either to hire a freelancer to build your website or hire a web design agency. So the latter is preferred because of a series of good reasons we call them benefits. In this article, we will explain the benefits of hiring professional website design developers or a creative web agency. If you have a business in Calgary, AB then you can count on us to deliver any type of website design or app development services. And if you want to have an idea about pricing on web design for Calgary, you can check that out.

A web design agency will always do a better job

When working with a web development agency you will always get a better-delivered product. As opposed to working with a freelancer which doesn’t have enough resources to make the product great. Yes, they might do ok, but when working with clients, and when wanting online sales, an “ok” product ain’t gonna cut it. You need real online sales, so you need a professional team of web developers to deliver the perfect job. So its much more desired to work with a good web design company to achieve great things, because they have enough resources to put in the extra mile. Thats why the sitemile agency will help you with any project in Calgary AB.

More leads and more online sales

Getting more online sales, and leads in general is the desired result of any online business. And the chances of getting these in high numbers are bigger when working with a web agency during the web development and design process. They will ensure you have the best web site design possible and they will pay attention specially on the SEO aspect of the site.

Better SEO and more organic traffic

A web agency or creative agency has people working on all areas of developing an online business. And they do have people working on web development, design of the website or app, architecture, SEO, marketing and all that. So they know the best approach even if you only request web design services. They will use the best approach for preparing for SEO implementation, audit, and keywords used in the content of the site. While a freelancer developer will not be able to take all these into consideration because he is just one person. Although a freelance web developer comes with more affordable cost for the web design, is preferred to work with a web site design company, because they are more professional.

Better support for your website

As said earlier, a web design firm, will have people hired on multiple departments. So they will be able to offer better and faster support. Wether is about web design support or WordPress support, the web developer experts will be here to help you. Because a freelancer cannot split himself into multiple roles, working with a company is preferred in this case too. And we all know that good support matters even more than developing the website itself.

Much more responsive team

Since a web design agency is composed by multiple people in different departments like design, development, marketing and other stuff , they will be much more responsive with the client’s needs. And also whenever they need support, they will be able to provide a better response and help to the customer.

Maintenance and long term support

Maintenance is one of the most important things a website needs. And for that you will need a dedicated team and also a very skilled team. So when you need services for website maintenance then a web agency would be much better than a freelancer. Because usually the digital agencies will offer you website maintenance package and they have done that a million times so you know they have experience.

Custom work and bespoke website

Its pretty obvious that serious online businesses will hire a web agency for their web design projects. Or even for their app development projects. Because they want a team to build the best possible product out there. Otherwise if they go with freelance web developers then they might not have the big perspective like a web agency team has. In order words, even if you want to build an MVP (minimum viable product) you should think of hiring a web development company rather than a freelance developer.

That is also the same for any type of custom software development and bespoke website or bespoke mobile app. Because the web development company has many developers and experts on database, architecture, design and customer support that will take your business idea to the next level.

Complex projects even enterprise software solutions

Usually business owners and entrepreneurs will require a very specific type of website or app. So they might not go with off the shelf software or a website builder solution. Thats why they need custom website development services. And what better way to do custom web application development, than a web design agency. Plus it definitely gives you a lot of confidence as an entrepreneur that your project is on good hands with a full team rather than one freelancer web developer.

Professional custom website design, and enterprise software solutions come all the time from an agency team composed of a few different developers, designers and architects. Using a freelancer service in this area is always not recommended.

Better web development services

Although the cost for web development services that are done by an agency is higher, the quality will also be high too. And when you are doing an important project, like a marketplace website, or an eCommerce website, its very important to have stability and high quality code and work. The web design agencies will use modern programming languages and technologies like: reactjs, nodejs, python, javascript, java with spring, Go lang, and other solutions.

Access to a better team and more robust solutions

In conclusion the best and most important advantage of using a web design agency over freelancers developers, is access to a better and complete team. And that’s very important for the delivery of the project. Because you need scalable and business ready web development solutions. Specially when it comes to tailor made software needs or programming of webapps or mobile apps. Do not hesitate to check our Calgary web design services.

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