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Hello there, probably you are here because you are looking for an web design agency. Or you are trying to see what is a web design agency. Well you are in luck as we are trying to answer a few questions in this article. So start reading to find out more about what is and what does a web site design agency. Additionally these agencies are called digital agency or web design companies.

What does a web design agency do?

Web design agencies work closely with their customers to design, program and build websites and mobile apps. Additionally another of their focus is to create websites and apps and run them fast, and professionally looking. And their customers can attract more leads and sales with these websites or apps. More about what web design is.

Another area where a digital agency excels is digital marketing, SEO services, content writing, and content marketing. And they also deal with google ads, pay per click ads, facebook ads, marketing strategy, and ad campaigns. And usually web agencies create custom websites using various software programs and languages: HTML, CSS, React, wordpress web development, Javascript, Angular, PHP, WordPress, Laravel, Magento, Python and other alike. Find out more about the services that our web and bespoke software house offers.

How much do web design agencies charge?

Web agencies can charge from as low as $500 for a website or a project, and even up to $100.000 and even more for bigger more complex projects. This might seem a lot but big companies see this cost as an investment. They create a site that generates 10 times that amount and its worth it.

But at our agency we have had projects even on the higher aspect of that range. Usually is for more complex projects, like a web app with a mobile app (ios and android) along with some back-end technology and APIs and websockets. Like an auction website, or a complex app.

What are the 3 types of web design?

The 3 types of web design are: static web design, CMS or dynamic websites and eCommerce or marketplace web design. That is pretty much all the categories that there are. And anything else are variations of the same main categories.

How much does it cost to hire a web page designer?

The cost to hire a web page designer is starting from $10 per hour but can go even over $120 per hr depending on the website that they are working on. Usually the web design costs less, and the web programmers that write code (php, react, node) will be paid more (over $45/hr).

Our agency charges around $50-$80 / hr depending on the type of work. Where working on an ecommerce website or presntation website the cost is around $50/hr, when working on mobile app development or a complex web app that involves front-end and back-end, will be around $80 per hour. If you want to get an offer of price for your project check the service page.

How to choose a web design agency ?

Choosing a web design agency is going to be an complex thing to do where you need to search for a few agencies in your area or remote, and ask them for price quotes. Once you compare the quotes they offer you and their portfolio, you will give one the chance to start a project. Before starting a project its safe to do an NDA and a contract for delivery of goods with clear terms and milestones. Only pay a small portion of the project in advance, specially if the project is several thousands of dollars, or tens of thousands.

How to start a web design agency ?

If you want to start your own web design agency, you must know you need some capital, like an initial investment. This will help you to hire a team of developers, pay for the office space, and also pay or spend on marketing (google ads, tik tok, stuff like that). This will also feed your team until you get your customer stream stable. We can tell you that starting your own design agency is a hard thing to do, and will require a lot of effort. Its better to hire one directly for your project, like sitemile web agency. Contact us.

How to find a good web design agency ?

Finding a good agency is a process that starts usually on google page, and you just search for digital agencies in your area or remotely if they can do a good job. You can search for web agencies for Australia, United States, Europe (London, Manchester , Birmingham). Usually we offer services in several areas: Sydney, NSW, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane. And also in the US: Ohio, Colorado, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston and other areas. And also in Canada: Vancouver BC, Toronto, Ontario, Calgary. You can see our services here.

What is a digital agency?

A digital agency is very much like a web agency, but they also handle marketing and online marketing. Additionally they do copywriting, SEO, page speed optimization, website maintenance, google ads, facebook ads, content writing and content marketing. Basically the online digital agency can take you from nothing, to having a complete website, app, and optimisation and even sales.

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