Hey guys, in this article we will talk about all marketplace themes and websites, and how to design the perfect marketplace theme. And we will also see what options will a marketplace website have. Because these days pretty much every website comes with a buyer and sellers area. We will not try to find the best marketplace theme because there are many themes that are very good. In exchange we will try to find out what themes are out there and what marketplace app template we can use for our site. We will also try to see what kind of marketplace admin theme these pieces of software will offer us. We are not going to discuss about a marketplace template in angular, but about wordpress marketplace themes.

marketplace theme

Marketplace template design

When it comes to template in general the first thing you will see is the UI and the design of such template. Thus the best marketplace theme for wordpress will have to have a good and pleasant design. Specifically using bootstrap or other well known css framework. Some of these templates have a booking feature, and some are b2b marketplace capability. We will only discuss here hosted systems like shopify or bigcommerce.

What kind of marketplace sites there are ?

There are many marketplace websites out there and the ideas are countless. You can literally come up with thousands of variants for each idea. But the most well known marketplace type of websites and themes are:

  • car marketplace theme wordpress
  • marketplace theme woocommerce
  • digital marketplace theme
  • freelancer marketplace theme
  • nft marketplace theme
  • multivendor marketplace theme

And so many others. But the most important thing is they have the same idea, something centred on the same idea of buyers and sellers getting together in the same platform.

What are some useful marketplace themes ?

In our themes directory we sell quite a few marketplace themes. Among them there is the auction theme, which allows a multi seller marketplace website plus auctions integrated, and walleto theme.

Launching a freelance marketplace

Services and online work have been for the past 20 years the new norm around the internet world. Almost any country has a freelance marketplace of some sort. The most famous sites for freelancers in the US are: fiverr, upwork, freelancer.com and others alike. These sites allow the professionals and experts put up their services on the platform. Then the customers will come to the site and ask either for a price quote for a project, or just buy the service that the customer wants.

A theme thats very well suited for launching any kind of freelancer marketplace or professionals marketplace is the project bidding theme, known more better as the freelance directory theme. And also you can read more about creating a marketplace website if you want to know more.


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