We just released a new update on the auction theme, for more information about the fixes/additions and modified files since the latest version, please see the list below:


– fixed login screen error with wp 5.2
– fixed post new screen error
– fixed css issues in single auction page

Modified Files

– functions.php
– style.css
– single-auction.php
– lib/login-register/login.php

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2 Responses to WordPress Auction Theme update v.6.0.1

  1. henrylee2015 says:

    there is problem with the membership.
    i created a seller account,and i set free for one of the membership packs.
    I upgraded to the free membership by paying 0 with the credit.and it was successful.
    I did this on OCT/31/2019.the system shows that “Your membership will expire on: 01-Dec-2019. You have left 2 free items to post.”
    which means this seller only upgrade the free membership for 1 month. so what about the next month?
    I did the same thing again,trying to upgrade again,finally the system still shows the same date of expired date.which means no matter how many times I try to upgrade,it can only upgrade 1 time,1 month. so when is the next date I should upgrade? on DEC/01/2019 or NOV/30/2019,what happened if I upgrade a few days earlier?? if a seller pays 10 times,this seller can only get 1 month service???
    please fix that if you want me to pay for your renewal theme. my current theme is 5.2.2
    thank you!

  2. admin says:

    yes please contact us and created a ticket in https://sitemile.com/contact-us
    and give us all site details, we look into it

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