we just released v4.5.8 of the WordPress Auction Theme and we are proud to say that even more tiny glitches, after a lot of hours of testing and trial and error, we have even less stuff to go wrong in the theme. Also we have tested the theme with latest version of wordpress (v3.7.1) and we can confirm that the theme works fine. See below a list of changes:

List of fixed things:

– report bad auction item, not sending an email was fixed
– delete bids from backend feature was implemented and fixed
– payment fees charging twice when editing the auction fixed
– membership packs feature added , tested and fixed
– only one email notification when the user was outbid by another member
– disabling locations feature in widget items fixed
– top header advertising space feature fixed
– prepared the field for Bitcoins payment feature for the next version
– utf8 tags not displaying right in archive page fixed.
– ending soonest auctions page was added

List of files changes from the last version:

– AuctionTheme/style.css
– AuctionTheme/functions.php
– AuctionTheme/header.php
– AuctionTheme/archive-auction.php
– AuctionTheme/single-auction.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/admin_menu.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/advanced_search.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/my_account/buy_memberships.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/my_account/buy_memberships_credits.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/my_account/payments.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/my_account/pay_for_item.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/my_account/pay_item_by_credits.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/login_register/login.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/login_register/register.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/gateways/credits_listing.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/gateways/paypal_listing.php

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