Since you are here, probably you are in need of some website design for an auction website. We are trying to see how can we launch an auction website with the cheapest tools we have. When it comes to auction website design, as we discussed before, we have multiple options. Like setting up a ready made script or having a team hired doing this from scratch. We are going to approach the first option. Because we offer the wordpress woocommerce auction theme, and woocommerce auction plugin.

These options that we offer, are ready made solutions. You do not need anything else other than any of them, to run your auction website. So that makes the auction website design part, actually uncomplicated. We will simply want to replicate eBay type of site, or something like that.

Auction website design services

If you are interested in creating an auction website, probably you have thought of using a service from a custom development agency or similar. We would recommend that to someone that has a good budget. But if your budget isnt that generous, then you would have to get a pre made solution and adjust, or customise that. And that way you will cut a lot of the initial big costs of starting off.

As we discussed earlier, the solution to get on, is WordPress, and specifically a wordpress theme or a wordpress plugin. We can also recommend some php auction script, but we do not have anything specific at this point. Best approach for a fast solution would be still wordpress. This will be the ultimate auction for woocommerce solution on the market.

What auction template and css framework ?

When you think of an auction theme, you immediately think on an auction template, because a template is something that you see. With wordpress, you will find out that it uses themes, so the template idea is pretty normal. But a wp theme will be containing the design and the script and code. So i guess the auction template is equivalent to an auction theme.

Also you might wonder what kind of css framework do we use in our auction theme. Well we use bootstrap. So that makes our theme, the auction website template with bootstrap. And you might wonder is the auction template with bootstrap is free to download ? Well the theme isnt free, because we need people to support and work for it. Having security updates and support is quite important.

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