When creating any type of website, there are some good practices and some that aren’t that great. We are trying to show you the best practices when making an auction website. When creating your own bidding website, you are doing it for some reason. Either is making some extra income by charging a commission or just doing a fundraiser auction, you have to respect some rules that will make your life much easier. We are going to show you the 5 best practices when building your own auction website.

1. Choose the correct hosting

When doing any type of website you are required to have a domain name and hosting. This is the place where your website resides. And the performance of the website depends entirely on your hosting. Normally an auction website is demanding, and you will not want to get a really cheap hosting. But lets say you are a startup that will not expect too many users in the first weeks or months so you could get away with a cheaper hosting. At least cheaper than a dedicated server. Thats why we advise you to get a decent hosting package, maybe a VPS server or a cloud hosting server. But under no circumstance do not get the cheapest hosting you can find. That might work for a blog, but not for a proper auction script that powers your own auction website. Plus if you want to find out more about launching a website and choosing the proper hosting, check this article out.

2. Choose the correct auction software or auction script

The second part of your auction website, is the actual auction software that will power your website. That is like your car engine and is as important as the hosting package. Luckily we are very experienced auction software programmers with over 10 years of experience and we know how this should be. We have an auction script solution, and the name of it is wordpress auction theme. And yes is based on wordpress, but thats a really good thing. Because wordpress is open source and actually really easy to use. Plus is super SEO friendly. And the features are exactly what you are looking for.

3. Make a clear payment structure

When launching your own auction website, you have to think of monetisation of the website. What will make money in your site ? Thats why you will need to charge either a listing fee, or a commission fee out of each sale. This excepts the case of a charity auction, where the main reason is to raise money for and NGO or an organisation. But the payment structure must be very well thought from the start.

4. Choose a technical team

When running a live auction website, with live auction software, you will need some technical team to support you in case something breaks. Many things can happen when running a website, so a technical team that is always around is most important. If you need services, we do offer that too. Specially if you contract our auction theme or auction plugin.

5. Think on marketing and promotion

The last major point is the marketing and promotion of the website. That is what drives the sales. In your case people posting their items for auction in your website. So this is an important aspect which will eat your budget too, maybe even more than the technical area. Where with the auction script, you just pay once and thats it. With marketing you always need to adjust and do more and more. If you need SEO services we do those too. Read more about this. And this is how you can building an auction website. And also you can read a more up to date version of “steps to create an auction site” .

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