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You probably have heard of chat gpt and its capabilities when it comes to artificial intelligence. And you are probably wondering whats the point of hiring a web design agency to build websites for you if you have chat gpt at your disposal. But what about creating mobile apps ? Can chat gpt create mobile apps ? Can it do mobile app development, without the need of a mobile app development agency and actual mobile app developers ? We will try to find out whats the deal with this. If indeed chat gpt can replace your standard app development team.

what is chat gpt

Chat gpt is an AI product built by Open AI, and its a virtual AI chat bot that answers about any questions you want to ask it. It will solve coding questions for developers, write articles for seo people and so much more. But we mainly want to use it for website development, app development, creating marketing plans, generating seo ai articles.

Can chat gpt build an app

ChatGPT by itself cannot create an app, or at least cannot create the app that you need. It can create a boiler plate code, or a boilerplate app from which you can develop yourself if you know what you are doing. But it will not be able to create the custom app that you or your customer wants. You will need to put the effort in yourself as a skilled programmer, and use chatgpt as a helper on tedious tasks, like generating various functions: sorting an array, or getter and setters for your classes.

Also another important point, do not listen to all YouTubers that tell you can build an app or a website with chat gpt alone. The developer era is not gone yet. While these tools can cut a lot of your developing time, they sometime provide inaccurate answers, and you still need developer knowledge to be able to build an app, or an API or a website.

We for example have used it to develop prettyinsights, which is a web analytics tool. But I would say that the development by AI was maybe 10% where the boilerplate and boring code was written by the AI.

Can chat gpt create an app for you ?

While nobody doubts the AI powers of chat gpt and other similar tools, the short answer is no. Chat gpt cannot create a mobile app for you. He could give you some pointers when it comes to where to start with mobile app development and maybe some boilerplate code. But for sure chat gpt cannot replace a proper mobile app developer, or even more a team of developers. That is because this AI system uses existing data it scraped of the internet, and wont be able to think on its own, and disect each project specifically.

That is why you will want to hire a mobile development company to build your next mobile app. Because chat gpt at most can use some boilerplate code, not to mention creating a production-ready mobile app that generates revenue for your business.

Can ChatGPT build mobile apps?

The short and long answer is NO, it cannot build mobile apps for you. But it will give you some boilerplate code which you can use to start your mobile app. But again that might be unnecessary anyway, as if you were to build a commercial app, you wont do it yourself and hire a mobile dev agency. And most certainly the mobile app development companies will not use it, because the resources it offers are beginner level.

Is It Possible To Create an Entire Mobile App Using ChatGPT?

The answer is YES and NO. So lets break it down: for sure you cannot create a mobile app with this AI tool with just a few clicks. But for sure it can provide some boilerplate code which you can use in developing your app. Still you will need a good ser of knowledge to build the mobile app, and if you already have this knowledge whats the point of getting some boilerplate code from chat gpt ? The best thing to do for your business is to hire a web development agency or a mobile app agency.

Developing a decent mobile app costs around $10,000 and $500,000 but the cost really depends on the features you will want to have in the mobile app. A regular e-commerce mobile app costs around $15,000 to $50,000. But in any case you can get in touch with a mobile app development agency to ask for an estimate.

Developing a mobile app can take as little as 2 weeks, front end and backend. But in most cases building a mobile app takes around 3 months or more. And there are cases where the app is so complex that requires 12 months or more to refine. And there might be additional time to plan, wireframe, and discuss with the development team.

Chat gpt app creation

Chat gpt app creation is something people really look for these days. Because who doesn’t want to automate the development process through AI tools. And that is super awesome. But its not possible to make a commercial app using AI , just yet. But it could be a big help to do all the automated tasks and create all the boiler plate code.

In conclusion chatGPT will not replace programmers any time soon, but it can be a good help for boilerplate code, or for generating dummy code, or some placeholder code to start with. That can spare some hours of your manual work. And this could be a good thing specially to have less programmers.

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