If you are looking for wix auction, the short answer to this question is NO, and we will explain why you cannot do auctions on wix, and what other options you have. We will show you how to do an auction website still. Also we have wrote another article about another popular hosted website platform, and that was shopify. Read here more about auctions on shopify.

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What is Wix ?

Wix is a hosted platform for creating websites where you do not need to do anything else other than use some drag and drop tools to build out your pages. Also wix is a subscription based type of service. And this means you will have to pay a monthly fee to have your website up and running. Thats all good, but when you will stop paying, then your website will not be online anymore. This is very similar to shopify which has the same system, but only for ecommerce. And as like shopify, you cannot run auctions on Wix.

With wordpress for example, as well as other php scripts you will just need a hosting space and a domain name. And that is it. You will not need to pay any other recurring fee to anyone else. Find out more about hosting your wordpress site here.

What can you do if auctions on Wix will not work ?

Luckily you have a huge number of options if you want to run an online auction website. There are so many auction php scripts out there that you will quickly find a solution. Because wix and auctions do not mix. So what will be the solution for this ?

Normally you would look for an auction php script or some sort of auction software. But wait, wordpress is php based, that means we can have the solution wp auction software for your website.

Well the easiest and simplest solution will be to use wordpress, because wordpress has so many resources. You can get a lot of auction themes out there, or even auction plugins. We recommend you our woocommerce auction theme, or woocommece auction plugin.

With these you will be able to launch your auction site without any issue. They come packed with all the good features and you will have some proper support from people that have done this since 2012. So we have an experience of over 10 years in this area. Our theme has powered sites with over 500k users and beyond. We will explain a bit more in detail the solution with the wp auction software.

As a conclusion wix online auction might not be as you thought, as you will need to either use the auction plugin to build your own auction site, or hire a web development team. Just to be clear, we talk about the auction plugin for WordPress and not about a wix auction plugin.

Woocommerce auction theme can be a solution

The auction theme that we have in our portfolio can be used as a woocommerce marketplace theme because it lets your users list products in your website. The themed dashboard improves the UI and UX, because users will not even know its based on wordpress. So the woocommerce marketplace theme is also a good choice for launching a multi seller marketplace website.

Is this a pre built auction website ?

With the wordpress auction theme or auction plugin, you do indeed get a pre built auction website. Where you just install wordpress in your host, and then just activate the theme. And you have your own pre built auction site. From here you just need to add your logo, colors, categories, images for categories, and other such details. This is very similar but better like other solutions: webid script, or php auction script.

Does this come with an auction website builder ?

The wordpress auction theme or plugin will come with an auction website builder. That is because they are a pre build auction website itself. So building the auction website will require no effort at all. You will have all your auction widgets available, which you can drag and drop using the page builder. We use elementor, but other page builders can be used , like divi builder, or beaver builder.

And yes the plugin comes with an auction widget, and features for you to host and build your own auction website.

Is this the ultimate wordpress auction plugin ?

You are probable looking for an auction plugin for wordpress. Our auction plugin can be considered the ultimate auction plugin because it has so many features. It supports woocommerce (in the pro versio) , has pre built auction widgets, bidding plugin capability, membership features, coupon features, themed user dashboard and many others. That makes it the ultimate wordpress auction plugin of course.

Can I create my own online auction?

Yes with the wordpress auction theme or the auction plugin that we offer, you can create your own online auction website. Either you can be the auction owner alone, or you can allow users to post auctions and transform it into a multi seller or marketplace website.

Why don’t we have an wordpress auction plugin free ?

The wordpress plugin market has a lot of wordpress plugins free, as well as the theme market which has a lot of free wordpress themes. But any product that is free lacks in features and most important lacks in support. So you have to turn your attention to paid plugins and paid themes, because these come with the proper support and future development perspective. In a world where security of the websites is very important, you will have to be sure the auction software you purchase has the proper support and proper updates. Read here the difference wordpress vs wix

Generally any wp auction plugin and wp auction software , either its theme or plugin, will not be free with any respectable vendor. Below you will find a sample of our auction plugin:

auction plugin


So in conclusion , if you want to create an auction website, you will not be able to do so on WIX, and maybe thats better. Because wix will own everything, including your database and everything. Better use the wordpress cms along with the woocommerce marketplace theme or the auction theme. That way you can own your database, users and files and also get the functionality of the live auction website that you need. If you are looking for an auction plugin for wordpress just click here. Still you can do it, if you want to create an auction website from scratch

Do you want to create your own auction site easily ? Then try the WordPress auction theme. Launch your auction site within minutes. And with custom website development from our web development team here is an example of what you can obtain with this system: antique guns and firearms auction website.

Read more also about creating an auction website similar to ebay. And if you want to learn more about our auction website template, you can read and buy from there.


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