Hello, we just released a fix for the new classified theme. The current version is 6.0.3 and you can download it from your sitemile account. Below you will find the list of changes and improvements  and also the files touched for this update. Also make sure you download the sitemile framework as well from your account.

List of changes & updates

  • fixed user profile. Now users have their own profile where they can put up a bio, and their all active ads show
  • fixed keyword search. In advanced search the keyword option works now
  • fixed minor errors in post new ad page
  • added the edit ad feature from user’s account

Files touched

  • ClassifiedTheme/lib/my-account.php
  • ClassifiedTheme/post-new.php
  • ClassifiedTheme/lib/user-profile.php (new file added)
  • ClassifiedTheme/functions.php
  • ClassifiedTheme/lib/advanced-search.php
  • ClassifiedTheme/style.css
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3 Responses to Classified Theme v6.0.3 launched today

  1. tkavanagh says:

    There is no page ClassifiedTheme/lib/post-new.php, do you mean ClassifiedTheme/lib/post-edit.php or ClassifiedTheme/post-new.php??

  2. admin says:

    yea you are right, is ClassifiedTheme/post-new.php
    i will edit. Thanks

  3. Alexander7 says:

    Need cheap generic LEVITRA?…

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