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Hello everyone! After an intense period of work, we finally managed to launch the new version of our loved classified theme, the 6th version since we first started this project. This new version is top notch, and we think is the best wordpress classified theme on the market at this time. The ClassifiedTheme comes packed with great new features, bug-free behaviour and its built on top of our new framework, the SiteMile Framework Theme, so the possibilities of extendability are endless.

What brings new? Why is it the best on the market?

The new thing that the wordpress classified theme brings new is along side many new and stable features, the integration above our new wordpress framework theme. You would ask how is that better? Well the good thing about theme frameworks is the separation between the programming(code) and the design(html). With this even the most basic user will be able to set it up, and do changes to it without getting to much into complicated code. Also the sitemile theme framework allows you to do lots of stuff with the suite of hooks that it brings, and also with the widgets that it features.

You have below a list of new things that the classified theme brings new and why we think this is the best theme for ads on the internet and why you should choose it:

  • compatibility with latest wordpress version 3.1.3
  • ads are custom post types and separated from blog posts
  • host blog posts without interfering the activity with the ads
  • custom taxonomies like: ad location, ad category
  • integrated over the SiteMile Framework theme
  • custom fields, add custom fields from admin like: select, check boxes, text inputs
  • multiple widgets: latest posted ads, featured ads, most active users
  • users have profiles that show all their activity, avatar, information
  • buddypress tested! the theme works flawlessly with buddypress
  • GoogleMaps and Google Analytics integrated
  • multiple payment gateways integrated: PayPal, Google Checkout, Alert Pay, Moneybookers
  • receive email notifications about anything that happens on the site
  • featured ads section, and also a nice front page slider
  • plug and play, turnkey solution working straight out of the box

Why choose this theme?

You might wonder why you want to get this theme? We consider our theme to be the best wordpress classified theme on the market, because its based on a powerful framework and is so easy to use. Also not to mention the lower price we practice than our competitors.

Another reason for using our theme is that you get free unlimited access to updates and support and the documentation for the theme is high quality and almost anyone who has used an internet browser before can set up the theme in no time. Also along with this theme you get access to one of the best wordpress framework themes on the internet.

If you are already convinced, go ahead and purchase today.

How can i get this update?

The new update comes totally free for users that have already purchased the classified theme. To download it, login to your sitemile account and get it from there. Also the new sitemile framework will be available to download as well. For the others of you that want to get the theme, you can purchase it from the classified theme main page.

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  1. sprout says:

    Where is this framework that I am supposed to download? It says it in the documentation.

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