Often times you find yourself in the need of a contractor to do some house chores or services. Either you need a plumber or an electrician, you need a contractors directory to search and get the best contractor for your project. And these days the contractor directory websites are very popular to find local contractors and professionals to solve your house improvements projects. Such sites can be launched with the project bidding theme that we have. But how does the whole process work and how are the customers getting the right service ? We are going to shortly explain the way this type of site works, and how a customer can post a project, while contractors post bids. By the way this works with wordpress, which is free.


How is a contractors directory marketplace working ?

Well normally this is a place where contractors and customers will meet and do business. That means that contractors or professionals are going to register in the platform for the services they provide. And then when a customer will post a project for their expertise, they can place a bid for that project. In the end the customer will be able to choose the expert he wants and work begins. All these come with our project bidding theme as said above. This is the perfect wordpress marketplace theme for launching a contractor directory website.

And yes the looks is a bit different from the original theme but we have done some customisation work, because we have that service too. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any type of customisation work done to our themes.

You can read more about the contractors bidding software here. And you can be sure we can implement even a lead selling and buying system for this directory of service providers.

Construction and tendering software

You could find more information about how the construction and tendering software works, and if you even need custom solutions, we have the expertise to build such systems. Just get in touch with our team of developers and lets schedule a call. usually our prices start from $3-4k but can get even to 10k depending the complexity.

As you see, we really think this is the best contractors directory website script to create a directory of any kind for your website or business. Do not hesitate and check the project bidding theme to create the ultimate contractor directory website with this amazing based php directory listing script.

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