For sure you have heard of wordpress at least once in your lifetime. And for sure if you are here you want to create or launch your own job board website. Probably you though this is interesting to have a job classifieds platform. And yes that is true. But what best way to start this than create it with the help of WordPress. And when we talk about wordpress, we talk about themes and plugins. So ultimately we need to search for a job board theme for wordpress. And we have the perfect solution: our jobminer theme is the perfect job board theme that can be used to create your MVP (minimum viable product) in just a matter of hours or minutes.

Depending on your niche, you might need different customisation and adjustments. But our team also offers bespoke software services and we can custom tailor your website as you would like it. So you can check the list of our web agency services and see if you need that.

Otherwise the theme comes with all the important features that let you launch a job marketplace. With resume management tool, candidate profiles, employer dashboard and private messaging this is the best theme in the industry.

Creating the perfect job board has never been easier. If you want to create a job board you can also find the steps in another article.

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