Hey guys, we are writing today an article about creating an auction plugin to launch your own auction website. The process of launching an auction website is quite simple if you go with a wordpress solution. And when you go with a wordpress solution then you have a few choices. Either use an auction plugin or an wp auction theme. Its pretty easy and each path has some advantages and disadvantages.

Download the auction template

We have written some more articles on this matter, like how to create an auction site like ebay. And you will see there more detailed stuff about creating your online auction site. Because when it comes to auctions online you have to create the best and most easy to use online auction website.

Using an wp auction plugin

The advantages with using a wp auction plugin are quite obvious. The primary fact that gets you to use an auction plugin to create an auction site for people and live auctioneers are:

  • ability to use your own theme
  • make more changes to the design while functionality is very good
  • have great control over the pages and their content

If you want to use an auction plugin that supports also woocommerce then you can try our great woocommerce wp auction plugin. And you will see it is a great plugin that comes with fantastic auction features: anti snipping, buy now, shopping cart, online bidding, escrow feature and many others. This is even better than free auction software because you have great support from our team as well. Because with every purchase you will get fantastic support.

Using an auction theme for building an auction website.

When it comes to themes, our site offers the best auction theme on the market today. We were the first in the wordpress world to have an auction theme. And our theme is so good that it has all possible features. Because we took around 6-7 years to perfect this solution. Plus with our solution you can create these sites:

  • bid for goods type of website
  • online auction sites
  • silent auctions on websites
  • website bid of any sort
  • ecommerce auctions types
  • real estate auction sites
  • car auction websites
  • milestone auction

Find out more about our wp auction theme here.

Want a live auction website ?

Yes, if you want and need live auction software, then you are in the correct place. Our auction theme supports also this part of live auction area. So you can buy the theme with confidence in the membership option. Plus if you are wondering if this is a white label auction software, the answer is yes. You will own your website, and you do not need to pay any subscription or fees to our company. Just buy the theme , one time fee, and thats it.

Looking for the best auction script ? Read that article to find out more.

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