Hello everyone, we have had an amazing last 12 months since we started producing apps for our themes, and even big custom apps for other customers (other than using our themes and systems). We are proud that we are creating complete apps with their respective backends and complete API system for our customers. Using react native we are cutting costs down for our customers. If you do not know what react native is, thats not a problem. I will explain briefly what react native is. Basically react native is a framework that is open source and is provided and maintained by facebook (now meta) which lets you create an app in one language, generating in the end the iOS app and the Android app. So normally you will write your code only once, and the system does the split for you.

Obviously we have to create the backend and the API system, which any app needs. We can use a few technologies and frameworks for that too. Our preferred way is php, and we can use wordpress (which we love) or Laravel. Another choice for the backend can be node.js and express or even django and python.

To sum up, if you need an app built from scratch, we have the solution for you. Contact us and learn more here: https://sitemile.com/custom-programming-services-and-custom-phone-app-programming-and-design-android-iphone-ios-laravel-php-wordpress/. And below a few screenshots with one of our recent apps:

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