Have you wondered what is the difference between an auction script and a wordpress auction theme ? Well we are going to explain the key differences, and features that make them very similar and why you would go with one or the others. Also what are the advantages on using a php auction script, and what are the advantages of using a wordpress based solution. In this case a wordpress auction theme.

wordpress auction theme

What is an auction script ?

An auction script, or better known as an auction php script is a piece of software that will install in your website. And that will help you create an auction website from scratch. Depending on the type of auction script, there can be multiple types of scripts. But the most common is a php auction script. That is because php is very wide spread across the internet and in the developer community.

A list of features of an auction script:

  • monetisation fees to be able to charge users for listing
  • commission fee, to charge a percent out of each sale
  • dashboard for seller and buyer
  • ability to list their own items in an auction template
  • incremental auction bidding
  • live auction bidding
  • support for payment gateways

What is a wordpress auction theme ?

An wordpress auction theme is just like any other wordpress theme. It can be a free wordpress auction theme or a paid one. But usually the free wordpress auction theme doesnt really exist in the wild. That means that nobody in their good mind would spend a year or more programming an auction theme, just to give it away for free. This is the same case in the free php auction script. There is no such thing. And even if there would be, you can be sure it cannot be used into any production website.

We are offering a paid premium wordpress auction theme. And it is the best on the wp paid themes market. You will not find a theme that is more feature rich or better than ours. That is because we have made a lot of improvements over the years. It is on the market for many years.

What is the difference between them ?

Well, both are based on php so thats a good thing. But the obvious difference is the price and support. With a traditional php script, the price can be prohibitive, and also the support might not be that great. But with a wordpress auction theme you can get very good support, specially with us because we offer top notch support. But also wordpress community is great and you can pretty much find a lot of developers anywhere.


When you find yourself in the situation that you want to build your own auction website, you have to think on the auction software. Not to mention the wordpress hosting and the other preliminary things. But the auction software is important. Thats why you would want to get a wordpress theme instead of a script. We strongly advise you do so and get the best and fastest way to build your auction site.

PS: you might also want to try the wordpress auction plugin


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