DealPress – PreSales FAQs

You will find in this page a collection of most frequently asked questions about our DealPress Group Buying Theme, about our Framework theme and how to monetize the sites you build with our theme. If your question is more complex and cannot be found on this page, or you want some custom functions built on your theme, you can either use our forums, or contact us directly.

What is a Group Buying Website?

A group buying website is a platform for businesses to acquire customers and individuals to find great deals for food, entertainment, and services in their local area. Businesses agree to provide users with discounts if a certain number of people agree to make the purchase. A group buying site ideally creates a win-win situation – business gain publicity and patrons receive discounted products and services. It can also be a win for you by starting your own DealPress Group Buying site. Although large companies like Groupon and LivingSocial have dominated many markets, there is still plenty of room for small niche focused group buying sites to succeed. Do you live in a small town that hasn’t attracted the large companies yet? You can start a group buying site. Are you passionate about coffee shops in your area? You could start a group buying website revolving completely around coffee! The opportunities are limitless.

Why choose the SiteMile DealPress Theme?

You are probably wondering why you need to choose the sitemile DealPress Theme for your group buying website when there are several other options on the market. Well, first is because it is
based on wordpress, which is a very used, lightweight CMS platform, and not to mention the huge community wp has behind it. A second reason is the ease at which the platform can be edited and adjusted. With very little work it is possible to integrate with Facebook Connect, send mass emails to your users, and change the appearance of the website to look unique to your personal brand. The third solid reason for choosing our DealPress theme is our excellent support. At any time we answer your queries with precision and great speed.

How hard is to install the DealPress Theme?

The DealPress Theme is very easy to install and its plug and play functionality makes it a great purchase, especially for beginner users. You simply upload the archive with the theme via the wordpress backend admin and then you are done. The DealPress Theme is really a turn-key solution, sitting just a few clicks away from buying to actually using it.

Do I need anything else to run a group buying or deal website?

You do not need anything else besides the theme. The DealPress Theme comes packed with built-in the most easy to use, affordable and high quality group buying software on the market. Why pay
thousands of dollars on a heavy group buying script when you can get the same quality with less money?

Is the group buying theme multi-language?

Yes the theme comes with a central language file. The localization file can be found under the DealPress theme’s languages folder. The language localization file is called en_US.po file for the
english version. With the help of an edit program you can translate the theme into your language. More info about translating themes can be found here. Can I upgrade my license later?

If you purchase a standard license you can later upgrade to another advanced license at a later time just by paying the price difference. You either have that in your account or you can contact us if you decide to upgrade and we can direct you to the right spot.

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