You will find in this page a collection of most frequently asked questions about our micro job theme, the Pricerr Theme, about our Framework theme and how to monetize the sites you build with it. If your question is more complex and cannot be found on this page, or you want some custom functions build on your theme, you can either use our livechat (when available), or contact us directly.

Is it enough if I get the basic version?

A: In some cases it is enough, but if you want a more serious project you can invest into the PRO version at least. In any case, such similar complex systems cost 3-5 times more than these prices. So even if you go with the pro or higher packages you are still getting a lot of value for the money.

Can I upgrade later if I buy the base license or inferior license

A: Yes you can upgrade at any time by paying the price difference without an issue. You can start low and go up as you decide to invest more.

Can I purchase the extensions separately, if I only need one extension ?

A: Yes you can purchase any extension on its own even with the base license. You can also buy as standalone if you already have the base license

If i get the entrepreneur plus package, how is the custom work being handled ?

A: One of our programmers will be assigned to you, and you will be in close contact via email, phone, whatsapp or skype (or any way that you want) and they will personally assist you for anything.

Will you help me deploy the apps to the Apple App Store, and to Google Play Store

A: Yes our programmers will help you with everything to deploy the apps so they appear there.

Can I do modifications to the APPs once I purchase them ?

A: Small mods can be included in the app price, but if you want features added then we will price that separately.

Are the apps native apps or are they webview like other companies are selling ?

A: We ensure you get native apps. We do not mess with webview apps. All our apps are programmed on real Apple Mac Computers running mac osx 10.15 and latest version of XCode and android studio.

How can I customize Pricerr Theme ?

Pricerr theme is very customizable and we offer you unencrypted code which you can freely modify it to achieve your site’s goals and layout.  If you use the SiteMile Hooks and the Pricerr Hooks when modifying the theme you will be able to upgrade much faster when a new version of the theme is released. We also offer customization services to modify your version of the theme.
You can contact us to get a fast quote on the timeframe and price.

Can I upgrade my license later?

If you purchase a standard license you can later upgrade to another advanced license at a later time just by paying the price difference. You either have that in your account or you can contact us if you decide to upgrade and we can direct you to the right spot.

Does the theme support plugins?

The Pricerr Theme will support all plugins that are written along the correct wordpress API, so all the plugins from wordpress directory will work fine. Also most of the premium plugins (paid plugins) should work. You can find here a list of tested and recommended plugins which will enhance the functionality of your website using the Pricerr Theme.

How can I monetize the Pricerr Theme?

There are several ways you can monetize the site which you build around the Pricerr Theme. First is the featured fee which you can charge people for featuring their micro jobs on your site. Another fee the percentage (%) of the final sale that you take as the admin of the site. The percentage can be set by you from the admin side, in the Pricerr Theme settings.

Is the Pricerr Theme multi-language?

Yes the theme comes with a central language file. The localization file can be found under the Pricerr Theme languages folder. The language localization file is called en_US.po file for the english version. With the help of poedit program you can translate the theme into your language. More info about translating themes can be found here.

How is the currency flow handled in Pricerr Theme?

The Pricerr Theme comes with a virtual credit system. When the buyer buys the job, they pay with PayPal in the admin’s paypal email. On notification after the payment is done the site credits the seller’s virtual cash account with the right amount. When the seller gathers enough money in his virtual cash account, he can request an withdrawal to the admin of the site(you). After that you transfer the real money from your PayPal to the user’s paypal (that asked the withdraw), and mark the virtual credit as being transferred, and wiped of the user’s account.

What are the currencies supported by the Pricerr Theme?

Pricerr supports a wide variety of currencies. The complete list of supported currencies is: Canadian Dollar, Euro, British Pound, U.S. Dollar, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Swiss Franc, Hong Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Swedish Krona, Danish Krone, Polish Zloty, Norwegian Krone, Hungarian Forint, Czech Koruna, Israeli New Shekel, Mexican Peso,Brazilian Real, Malaysian Ringgit, Philippine Peso, New Taiwan Dollar, Thai Baht, Turkish Lira. However this list is only limited by PayPal which is the payment method in Pricerr. We can integrate any currency in the world as long as we integrate a payment method that supports that currency. If you want custom integration please contact us.

What are the supported payment methods in the Pricerr Theme?

For now Pricerr supports PayPal, Skrill and Payza in the base version. But the PRO version allows so much more gateways. For a complete list of other payment gateways see the list of extensions. If you want custom payment gateway integration please contact us. We can do custom work to integrate any type of payment gateway.

Does the Pricerr Theme support huge amounts of data?

That is a good question for all of you that want to use the pricerr theme on a big website. You might think it will not support a huge amount of jobs, data and users just because is based on wordpress. You are wrong! WordPress is based on PHP and MySql and it can handle tens or even hundreds of millions of jobs/entries and users. So this really makes the sitemile Pricerr Theme, the most easy to use, affordable and high quality micro job software on the market. Why pay thousands of dollars on a heavy micro job script when you can get the same quality with less money?

Does the Pricerr theme support locations?

Yes the pricerr theme comes packed with 2 taxonomies. One is for categories and another one is for locations. You can defined your categories and locations in a tree or hierarchical order. There are also multiple widgets which will display the taxonomies in a nice list fashion.

Can I integrate the Pricerr theme with another theme?

As you know wordpress only allows one theme to be activated at a time. So here you have two options: either you integrate the looks of your other theme into the pricerr theme, and for this option you can work with the framework hooks, either your install the pricerr theme into wordpress network mode. It might need custom work, and we can provide this service. Contact us for a price quote.

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