In this post you will find some of the plugins that the Pricerr Theme can use to enhance its functionality. All the plugins are recommended by sitemile and we ensure their fully integration with the theme and all have been tested with the theme and they are working flawlessly.

1. WP Page-Navi (see site)

This plugin will show you pagination at the bottom of each page that needs pagination. This includes various pages in my account area, home page, advanced search and many more.

2. Wordfence (see site)

This plugin will keep your site very secure. Has great reviews and is recommended by many.

3. WP to Twitter (see site)

This plugin will post the micr jobs from your site directly to your twitter account. Very useful tool for promoting your website.

4. Elementor page builder (see site)

The theme works great with any page builder, but we recommend elementor since it has been fully tested with your our theme

Other plugins

If you have tried other plugins with the theme please share with us your results, whats working and whats not working. Just give us a shout and contact us.

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