How to start?

The Sitemile Theme Framework comes free with any child themes we sell: like the classified theme, auction theme, deal press group buying theme and many others. You can have them all by getting our membership subscription.

Downloading the framework

To download the theme simply login into your account and the framework is there to download. Just the the theme zip archive and you are ready to go. Unzip the file, and copy it into your themes folder of your wordpress installation using a ftp client. We like to use FileZilla FTP Client.

If you do not want to mess with a FTP client and all you have is the wp-admin access you can do this operation through wp-admin as well. Simply after you got the archive with the theme framework, go to your wp-admin, then Appearance, then click on Themes. Once you are there, click on Install Themes, then Upload. After that simply upload the archive. Now you are done.

Make sure you do not activate the theme framework as your main theme. After you have the theme framework into your themes, you copy the child theme and activate the child theme. The child theme will use the framework as a base for everything plus will add enhanced functionality. Eg: classified theme will give you ads functionality, the auction theme will give you auction functionality, and so on.

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