Does the Walleto theme support plugins?

Our Marketplace Walleto theme will support all plugins that are written along the correct wordpress API, so all the plugins from wordpress directory will work fine. Also most of the premium plugins (paid plugins) should work. You can find here a list of tested and recommended plugins which will enhance the functionality of your website using the Walleto theme.

Can users setup their own shop?

Yes! The Walleto Marketplace theme allows your users to setup their own shop and sell products. Also you can charge your users a monthly or yearly subscription for their shops, and another cool feature is that you can take a commission, or a percent fraction out of each sale.

Can we use walleto theme for a download shop?

Walleto theme allows you to sell digital or downloadable goods. You can sell software programs or let your customers sell downloadable goods, with instant download option right after payment.

Does the Walleto Theme support huge amounts of data?

That is a good question for all of you that want to use the Walleto Theme on a big website. You might think it will not support a huge amount of products, data and users just because is based on wordpress. You are wrong! WordPress is based on PHP and MySql and it can handle tens or even hundreds of millions of products/entries and users. So this really makes the sitemile Walleto theme, the most easy to use, affordable and high quality markeplace and ecommerce software on the market. Why pay thousands of dollars on a heavy marketplace/ecommerce script when you can get the same quality with less money?

Do I have advertise spaces around the theme?

Yes you are offered a lot of sidebars. Thanks to the great framework the Walleto Theme comes with, you get over 10 sidebars in various places of the site. You get 2 sidebars on the main page, 4 at the bottom of the page, 1 in the search page, another 1 in the advanced search page and a few more. From here you can use the widgets panel from wordpress, to drag and drop any text field widget and fill it up with your ads code (eg: google ad sense).

Can I upgrade license later?

If you purchase a standard license you can later upgrade to another advanced license at a later time just by paying the price difference. You either have that in your account or you can contact us if you decide to upgrade and we can direct you to the right spot.

Is the Walleto theme multi-language?

Yes the theme comes with a central language file (po/pot). The localization file can be found under the Walleto Theme’s languages folder. The language localization file is called en_US.po file for the english version. With the help of poedit program you can translate the theme into your language. More info about translating themes can be found here.

Also wordpress gives us the possibility to have a multi language website in the true sense of the word, meaning you can use a few tools (plugins) to make it fully multilanguage. See here a tutorial:

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