We are trying here to find the best classified theme with app on the WordPress platform. We are going to dig in depth on how classified theme can have a native app that works and what options you will have. Because you will want to have a mobile app later in the process for your customers and never bother about. Building a classified ads website these days is a very easy process with a proper classified theme on wordpress. But not a free theme, and a paid theme. Here is why you should not choose a free wordpress classified theme and go with a paid theme. And yes this theme can be used as a craigslist clone type of website, specially because we execute custom work services in case you need to modify something from the standard package.

Is classima theme from themeforest better ?

Not at all, we think our classified theme is the best on the market giving the fact that it has the best support. And also we offer the classified theme with app as well. Nobody else offers this as a theme seller. And this is not a webview app, but an actual android and ios native app.

How about adforest classified wordpress theme ?

That isnt either, because that is the same thing as classima, a cheap theme, which can work fine for a small project, but the support will not be great, and most def they do not give you the app version, like our classified theme has. Feature wise ours is good too, with the most features out there, like page builder, widgets, monetisation tools, listing tools and so on. But the sitemile classified theme is the best classified web template.

Will the best classified theme with app be in Appstore ?

Yes , once we create the app version for you, we will place the app in google play store and into the apple app store. This service is also included into our entrepreneur version of the theme. You will be able to choose your own logos, pictures, colors, and do slight changes while we build the app.

Is it better than adifier from theme forest ?

Yes we have better features than adifier, and better support. Plus ours comes with a mobile native app, so all advantages. If you are looking for adifier – classified ads wordpress theme free download then why not try our classifieds wordpress theme ?

What about adforest – classified ads wordpress theme ?

Yes , in general the themes from themeforest arent great because their support lacks. And when you want to complain you do not have anyone to complain to. We have livechat support and email ticket support replied within hours. With those guys you wait even days or weeks to get a reply. Our support is the very best. And you should try our classifieds theme.

Can I create a website with this car classified WordPress theme ?

Yes that is right, we can create a car classifieds website, or an automotive, car dealership, boat dealership and other vehicle type of classifieds website easily with our theme. All these autotrader car classifieds theme related websites can be done with our theme. And we have written an article about how to create a classified site.

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