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this is a post about the process of setting up and programming a food delivery app for a company. The app (and website too if needed) will be used by couriers to deliver food within a specific country and region. The restaurants will have to signup for the food app company. The food makers present their meal courses and prices, plus special offers. Along with the app there will be a dashboard for the restaurants to login and control their food courses and prices for the specific food. This article shows a potential use case and the costs involved into creating this food delivery app and the complete software system behind it. If you are interested in creating a similar system (or any other app idea in fact) we can be contacted here.

How will the process go?

First of all, you need to contact us, in order to set the preliminary details with you. After our first email contact we can schedule a call (skype, zoom, whatsapp, or any other) and we can talk in depth about the project specification and budget and timings. After that the work starts with all milestones defines and payment terms agreed. Ending the project with success, of course. 🙂

How much will it take ?

Building such complex app and also the site system behind it, can take a lot of time, but it all depends on the features you want. Normally a project like that can take from 6 weeks up to 18-24 weeks even, but regular timing is about 6-10 weeks. Of course all timings and milestones are agreed with you within the contract once the work starts.

How much will it cost?

Normally native phone apps along with the whole system behind them can even cost well above 100k USD. But, in this case, we assume a cost starting 15k USD up to 30-35k USD. The price totally depends on the features you want to have on the apps and system. And of course the apps will be iOS and Android, and apps are native apps, written with xcode 12, and AndroidStudio 4.0 and up, using swift code and kotlin code.

Similar App Ideas/Concepts

There are several shipping and deliver apps that are similar with this, and can be compared in terms of cost and specification, like grocery delivering app, parcel delivery app and so on. Also we offer a bunch of other type of mobile and web apps here

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