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Find below a list of the most important and frequently asked questions about the sitemile themes club. We hope that you will find answers here, cutting short the process of you purchasing our themes package and making your business go online much faster. Thanks, enjoy!

How much do the themes cost ?

The prices start at $349 for the yearly version, and $899 for the lifetime access. However these prices might change depending on the time you read this message. This will give you access to all themes and plugins we have available but also for future ones: in the case of lifetime membership.

Do I need to pay anything else ?

No, the sitemile themes club gives you access to all our themes and plugins and after you get access you do not need to pay anything else. Of course if you go with the yearly option, after 1 year your membership will expire and you have to renew it to gain the access back.

Will I get the source code ?

Yes, we send the themes unencrypted and you can use your own developer if you wish to further make changes to the code of the themes. Or you can hire our developers for any type of custom or development work. We also do mobile apps too.

Why not buy from Themeforest ?

We dont advise you to because the support will not be that good. We have many customers that come from them and they come because not enough features and poor support. This is because themeforest is a marketplace with many sellers and each one tries to sell as much as possible without providing too much support.

Sitemile vs Themeforest

As said above, our support and features are far more superior. We offer livechat support and we ensure we solve the tickets in around 24 hrs, or at least in a decent amount of time. Sometimes customers wait weeks before getting a reply from the themeforest sellers. Not to mention we have far better features for our niche themes than they have.

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