Wether you have a small business or another type of business you think on bringing it online. And when you do that, you will ask yourself “How long does it take to build a website?” You will hear many people saying that it takes anywhere from a few hours, to a few days to even a few months. But to be honest the timing depends on so many factors.

And in this article we will help you determine how long it will take to build your website. And basically go to market with it. Then we can tackle the website creation using a DIY platform, versus hiring a professional website developer or an agency, versus using a website builder.

How long does it take to build a website?

In general, the timeframe for constructing a website can vary from one to six months, contingent upon your objectives and available resources. Also the timing to build or design a website will take into account the type of website, because some sites might take a few days while some websites will take 6-12 months, especially complex and custom websites.

I understand that a response of “it depends” might not fully satisfy your curiosity, particularly when you’re eager to launch your website. However, this section will elucidate the specific factors that influence this time frame.

There are three major factors that influence the amount of time required  to build a website, and we will discuss these in detail just below:

DIY vs. developer

The time it takes you to design your website in most majority of cases will be determined by the way you tackle the situation. If you want to hire a web designer or a web developer, or why not a web design agency, it will take a lot less effort from your side. But it will require a higher budget. Also there will be more time due to complexity. So why not try the best affordable website design services. Because finding low cost web designers can make or break your project as cost is one of the top 3 factors that influence starting a website at all.

However creating the websites with a developer or an agency might be worth it if you are aiming for something professional and commercial. Because the learning curve if you want to do it yourself could be quite steep especially if you do not have any experience.

But another way of creating the website by yourself, is using website page builders, or using a popular CMS like WordPress. But even in the cms case, you still can and need to hire a web developer if you want to create something complex, like an e-commerce website. These days there are many famous websites built on top of WordPress which require a team of developers to maintain and build. So that’s serious business.

If you want to learn more about how long does it take to build a website with WordPress, then you can check that article.

On top of that the number of pages matter as well, because the more pages you need created, the more time it takes to design and develop your website. And another detail are the landing pages which require special attention and thoughtful approach.

Static vs. dynamic

In the realm of website construction, the pivotal choice between a static and dynamic design exerts a substantial influence on the timeline for completing the project. Static websites, particularly when utilizing Wix website design templates, offer a relatively swift assembly process. Leveraging pre-designed layouts and readily available elements facilitates the creation of an aesthetically pleasing static website in a short span.

Conversely, if your aspiration is to develop a website replete with dynamic content, encompassing interactive features, user-generated contributions, or real-time updates, the website development timeline expands significantly. The construction of a dynamic website often necessitates bespoke development work, encompassing coding, database design, and integration as critical tasks. Additionally, comprehensive testing and debugging become essential to ensure flawless functionality across various devices and web browsers. And for the dynamic type of website, you might need to develop a custom website design and get in touch with a web design agency.

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How long does it take for a professional developer to build a website?

In the grand scheme of things, crafting a website in collaboration with a skilled professional can span a time frame ranging from two to five months. Acquiring insights into the duration required to embark on this creative journey with a designer, developer, agency, or a dedicated team can be pivotal in determining whether you should undertake the endeavor independently or enlist the expertise of a professional. This understanding can greatly inform your decision-making process as you set out to bring your web project to life.

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