Hey guys, since we recently (for over a few months) we started deliver native phone apps, we thought to create an article explaining how we price our custom mobile apps. This little article will describe briefly what will be the price for different type of mobile apps, the tools we work with, and the overall process of pricing, ordering and creating a mobile app from our team. We have create experience with all these stages and the process will be smooth, clear and professional.

1. First step: Determine the main features of the mobile app

The first step is for the customer to tell us the main features of the mobile app. The features can be very vast, but we can for sure say any mobile app will require: a login and registration system for the users, a type of account area for the user to manage his settings, edit his public profile, and shopping area, or private content area. An app might also contain: an E-commerce feature, or selling and buying stuff (in a marketplace type of app), posting listings, or jobs (in a job or directory listing type of app). Also an app will contain a subscription or some fees that need to be paid. That way the app will make money, and generate income for the business model.

2. Second step: design the UI and UX of the app

We also specialise in designing the UI and UX for your custom app. This is a custom service as well, and we break down the costs including the design too. This is the second step in the process with the customer, designing the interface for the users, and agreeing with the customer. We use tools like miro boards, figma, adobe xd and others.

3. Third step: actual start of the app

Starting the programming of the app is the least fun for the customer, but the most amount of fun for us programmers. The most expensive part of the app is the coding part. Below you will find some price examples for some types of apps. We work with tools like xcode, android studio, React native, swift, kotlin.

A simple app with a user login, user profile, admin part (web) and some small shop: $5,000-$10,000 USD
A more complex app with user login and register, profile, some more complex ecommerce features: $20,000 – $25,000 USD
A bigger app with even more complex features: above $25,000 USD

To get a price quote for any custom web app or mobile app, please contact us

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