Hello there, today I am going to show you how to create a design contest website, similar to 99designs and other sites. When it comes to contests, the things are simple. The customer would post a contest on the site, pay some fee and the designers and freelancers would submit their designs. Then the customer would have the choice to analyse the submissions, and pick a winner. And after that, the work can begin, and the customer would get his website or design done. Thats pretty much the main activity in a contest website. And it can be used in any 99designs clone website or similar.

By having a contest, the customer will be able to make the freelancers engage into submitting the best design. And this will motivate the freelancers even more to produce the best design they can. And this is very similar to some features that upwork and fiverr have. We have written articles on how to create an upwork clone and fiverr clone and also here. And we do think that the contest website can be created easily with our freelancer marketplace theme.

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What is 99design and fiverr ?

Both fiverr and 99designs are freelance platforms, where customers can hire designers to do design work. They put up a contest and the graphic designers will submit their design, usually logo design and web design. That way the customer choses the best design and ensures their money is well spent. Kinda like a good money back guarantee policy.

With the pricerr theme that we have available you can launch a fully functional fiverr clone.

How to launch a design contest website ?

As explained above, these sites are very similar: 99designs, upwork, fiverr, they all have contest features. And the fastest path to do that is through the freelance marketplace theme. Also we have created a video on how to use the contests in our theme:

After that you must know that there are other sites that have contests feature, like upwork or fiverr. So a comparison 99designs vs fiverr might make a lot of sense. To see what fiverr has and 99designs doesnt and vice versa.

Other sites that you might be interested are the thumbtack clone, or even taskrabbit clone. We can build all on WordPress and our prices for custom web development are around 2199$ USD for these kinds of sites. Let us know if you need, we are ready to get into a call with you.

Read this article if you want to know more: Build a thumbtack clone with wordpress.

Do you need to build a marketplace website like fiverr or 99designs ? Reach out to us.

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