Do you have a great idea about a job posting website ? Do you want to know how to create an online job board website but do not know where to start ? This article will explain how to create a job board website. We will talk about everything: creating the job board website, designing it, monetising it, because of course you want to make money out of it.

What is a an online job board ?

An online job board is usually a website or a job posting platform that will allow employers to post job openings and potential candidates to search and apply for those jobs.  Many employment websites offer a way to store resume databases and search jobs feature to the job seekers. With all the needed feature, a person that wants to build an online job board website, must look for a solid job board software.

What is the best online job board ?

The best online job board is the one that fits best to your location and category of the job you are looking for. As any other site, the job recruiting platforms are based on region (country) and niche (IT jobs, construction jobs). So the best online job board is the one that helps you the most land your dream job from your region and from your niche. Launching a career portal is a way to find and outsource new talent all the time.

How do job boards make money ?

Usually the online job marketplaces make money by charging a listing fee or a subscription fee to the employers. And usually that subscription package will be a monthly fee. But thats not all. Because they can also charge for advertising and premium listing fees.

What is the best job board software ?

The best job board software is the one that builds the job board that you like in terms of features and customer support. Because there are many job board software out there, we think that you should choose one that best fits your needs. We offer a great range of job board wordpress themes. And through which we can enumerate the JobMiner Theme.

Giving the fact that wordpress theme comes in our package of themes. The features that comes with are very impressive. And you can be up and running in no time. The theme comes with hiring system software, candidate tracking software, and candidate profile. Also the theme comes with job listings, and job posting platform.

What are the steps to create a job board website ?

The first step would be to get a hosting and a domain name. And after that you can start building your virtual job market. If you are more interested in launching an online services jobs marketplace then you might be interested in having a site like fiverr or upwork. For that you would need to use the pricerr or freelancer marketplace themes. But if you are looking for recruitment software then the jobminer theme is the best to use.

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