You are here probably because you might want to create a mobile app for your website or business. We are offering mobile app development agency services and we can build apps from scratch. But this article is about how to create a mobile app (from scratch). The process is intricate and you would have to either hire an agency, or learn how to code. This article will explain the ins and outs of the mobile app development for the front end and backend.

mobile app dev

1. Starting with the idea

The first thing you want to start with , is to set your idea straight. Before making an app, you must know what the app will do, and better yet, how the users will benefit of it. The app can be totally free, or it can be paid, or it can be free but with in-app purchases. Its up to you how you monetise the app. But this will be a very important decision because we all know that people are very sensitive when it comes to money.

After getting the idea straight you will have to see which are your competitors, and what strategies they have for growing their userbase, and what strategies they have for monetising the app. Basically you will want to know your enemy to position in front of them.

Another important thing is how do you plan to make your user acquisition. Its either a new segment of the market than your competitors ? Or you will attract the people using your competitor’s app. You will either have to come up with better features or better pricing than your competitors. It is very important to set all these details right from the start.

If you want to start an app, do not hesitate to contact us for a free price quote. We can do the development process from start to finish, and even do mobile app consulting for you.

2. Design rough sketches

The next step after getting all the ideas ready is to make some rough sketches. These will be important for the team that will design and develop your mobile app. You will not need to do any professional sketches, but some rough drawings, or some screenshots from other similar apps would be good. They will be used to create the actual UI designs, so called wireframes. Designing the wireframes is also an important part of the process when making a mobile app.

3. Getting the price quote

The third step is to actually get the price quote from the agency developing your mobile app. They will give you a complete price quote, and they will split the developing time into various milestones and timeframes. These will be very important through the process.

Regarding the timeframe, developing a mobile app takes anywhere from a month to even 12 months if the app is really complicated. Price also varies from a few thousand bucks (ours starts from $5000) up to even 50-100k , again depending on the complexity of the app. For us a very complex app, usually is around 30-50k and that will include the backend APIs and everything that is needed to run in an absolute state of the art condition.

4. Work starts for the mobile app making

When the customer and the mobile app agency agree on the timeframe, and costs, the work begins. As said earlier, the work can take between 1 and 12 months. The agency and the customer will take weekly calls to present the app development progress and test accordingly.

5. Does this include iOS app and Android App ?

These days, the most popular operating systems for mobile phones are iOS and Android. When creating an app, the agency must provide both ecosystems. You will not find an app that has only the iOS part or only the Android part in 2022, only in very little cases. So the prices and timeframes mentioned earlier are for both iOS app development and android app development. They should be both included as thats the standard pretty much everywhere.

If you want to start an app and do not know where we have the solution. Contact us for a free price quote and get consulting services and wire-framing services as well.

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