You are probably here because you want to have an auction website (of any kind like: car auctions, real estate auctions or others). The most known tool for having an ecommerce wordpress website these days is woocommerce. Using woocommerce can be a familiar way for many of the people and also a very popular solution, thus makes finding resources online very easy. Read below the other aspects of creating an auction website using woocommerce.

Can you do auctions on woocommerce?

Yes of course you can do auctions on woocommerce. With the right theme or plugin, you can do auctions with woocommerce. We have the auction theme which supports woocommerce. It supports wordpress hooks, has templates, and translations, plus WPML support. Comes also with auction tools like: anti snipping, buy now, reserve price, make offer, live bidding and others.

Why do I need to use woocommerce for my auction website

You might want to use woocommerce for your auction website because is a very known tool in the world of wordpress, and also because you can find a lot of resources readily available for you to act fast and don’t loose precious time.

How I can start with woocommerce auctions?

First of all, you need to see what are your options. In our opinion you have two or three options.

1. Make the website with multiple plugins and a generic theme. This solution can be the cheapest, but the end results are not that great. We recommend you to avoid this solution.

2. Make the website using a plugin thats dedicated for auctions, but here again you depend on a lot of other stuff, like external plugins, which is not great either.

3. Use an auction theme that works great and has all the tools you need. We provide the auction theme here:

If you are interested in online auction software, we do offer that too, for a more professional auction website building. Our prices start from $999

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