mangopay integration wordpress

This guide will show you the methods on how to integrate mangopay with WordPress. You will see a few methods, using either traditional ways, or using woocommerce.

So what is Mangopay?

Mangopay is a payment gateway system, similar to other well known gateways like Stripe, Authorize, 2checkout and PayPal. With Mangopay you can collect payments form your customers for the products or services you offer. It comes with an API for integration and its well documented. People prefer this gateway to others, because it lets you collect money in a split way. That means you can have a multi seller marketplace website, where sellers post things on your platform, and when they sell them to the customers, you are able to charge a commission for each sale at the same time when the sale happens.

How to integrate Mangopay with WordPress?

Depending on your system or plugins, there are several ways to integrate mangopay gateway with wordpress. First way is using a well known system like woocommerce. Woocommerce is very popular, and comes already with a free plugin that integrates with mangopay.

The issue with woocommerce is that you are trapped into this system, where you cannot do many changes unless you edit the code.

Another way is to have a specific theme that has mangopay integrate. A specific theme for auctions for example is a theme that lets you run an auction in your wordpress website, like our auction theme here:

The last way is to have something built custom. For that you need to hire a developer or an agency. We can also do custom integrations and customisations to any website. You can contact us to request a free price quote.

Also actually all our wordpress themes come with Mangopay integration into their PRO version. You can check all our themes in our wordpress themes gallery.

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