When it comes to websites these days, we think the most wide spread type of site is a marketplace or a listing type of website. Where people meet on the site to buy or sell something. Almost every one wants to make money these days out of online websites. And the most common sites are the classified directory sites, or the directory listing websites. These sites have multiple ways to create revenue for the site owner, and also for the people posting listings in them. You can make a lot of money with a popular classified ads website.

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What is a classified ads website ?

Well, a classified ads website is just like any site, where buyers and sellers can meet to buy or sell different things. From automobiles, to hand crafted things, to food, to online video games to online courses. So there are plenty of things to sell and buy. And the demand for classified ads websites or directory listing sites is pretty big.

Usually these sites let you create an account, maybe pay a membership and then you can list. Some of the sites let you use the site free for the first month, or even let you sell a limited amount of products per month, lets say 5 products free per month. And even some sites charge you a commission for each sale. It all depends on the platform owner, and the business model. But all these are ways to monetise the classified ads website. And make money for the owner. We have written an article too about how to launch a classified ads website in 45 mins.

What are the monetisation ways for a classified ads website ?

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So as we discussed when it comes to ways of making money in classified websites, we have many methods. And we will detail these methods next:

Charge a listing fee

The easiest way to make money, is to charge a listing fee whenever someone posts something in your website. This is the most common way to monetise a directory or classified website. You can charge a fee for 30 days or for 365 days. Usually the classified ads software will let you set these settings. For example, our classified theme will let you set these and even more. It also allows you to charge a featured listing fee. Where the featured listing can be displayed in a widget on the homepage for example, or shown first in searches. Of course you can have free classified ad and charge somewhere else.

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Charge a membership or subscription fee

Another way to charge fees in your classified ads website, is to charge a subscription fee. For example charge a fee of 50$ for 10 listings in the site per month. Or any setup you can think of will work. Depending on the classified ads software you are using in your site , you will have different options. Ours allows this feature too.

Charge for commission fee

This is harder to have since the payment has to happen through the site, and when you have multiple sellers and payment happening outside the website, is harder to take a commission as there is no way to confirm the payment has been made. But still this can be a good idea for specialised websites, specifically for directory listing websites or marketplace websites

What software should I use for launching a classified directory site ?

When it comes to software, you know what we do, mainly wordpress and we recommend the classified ads theme or the business listing directory theme, as these two themes are perfect for this purpose. And they are well supported and up to date. We have a ton of features when it comes to competent classified ads scripts and we really recommend. Plus we can do even custom work if you need a customised version.




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