You are here because you want, maybe, to find out the price of a bespoke project for wordpress. And the first thing that comes to mind is to hire a development or a digital agency. I am sure you have seen a ton of these around. These days anyone is an expert in marketing and sales, and digital marketing. Even the term digital marketing is the most looked for in google these days. So, in order to do your custom wordpress project, you first need to have some specification written. The wordpress development company will ask you the project specifications. Based on that, they will determine the price quote and the timeline for your custom project. Plus they will offer you support packages too, like WordPress support services or even WordPress maintenance packages.

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At the end of the discussion you will be able to choose the best web design company for your wordpress project. Read below the complete process these agencies will determine the price quote for your bespoke software project:

 Using wordpress free themes

The first thing a wordpress agency will do, is find the quickest path to realise your project. So primarily they will look at free stuff, like free wordpress themes and free wordpress plugins. Any cost that can be cut, they will cut it. And that isnt necessarily a bad thing, because if they are expert enough they charge you more on quality programming work, and spare you from spending on paid themes.  Thats what we do also when we do a price quote for our customer. We like to work with in house wordpress themes and plugins, as we have more control over them.

What is the best WordPress development company ?

There are tons of wordpress development companies out there, so it will be hard to determine which one is the best. WordPress services are diverse and are complex. Include: setting up themes, working with woocommerce, working with servers, frameworks and things. You will need to follow some key aspects in your initial discussion with them:

  • Seeing past projects and figuring if your project is more complex than what they did or less. If you feel confident that they are capable then go to the next step
  • Ask for a detailed estimate on your project
  • Ask for splitting the project in milestones and pay as they develop your website or app.
  • See if they are comfortable on working on other technologies (other than wordpress) as often times, they will be required in working with payment gateways, APIs , servers, setting up databases and much more complex things.
  • See if they are willing to discuss on the phone or zoom/video call. Discussing face to face , even virtually is a big plus for an agency. Meeting the actual developer will be beneficial for you as the customer
  • Remember a small price doesnt mean they are the best, is usually the other way around.
  • Ask them if they offer WordPress website management services or even WordPress monthly maintenance package. Because you want to stick with the people that created the custom site in the first place.

The best wordpress development company is the one you feel comfortable with. Even if its in the USA or UK, or Europe, or any other country, you must feel comfortable working with them. If you want a price quote for a custom wordpress project do not hesitate to contact us. To read more about what is a wordpress web agency check the article.

Who is the best WordPress Developer ?

There are many companies that have good wordpress developers. So determining who is the best developer is not an easy task. But whats important when looking for a wordpress freelance developer is to look at their previous work and portfolio. Then you can determine which is the best wordpress developer for your own specific case.

How many hours does it take to build a WordPress website?

When building a website, the amount of hours can depend on a series of factors. For example the number of pages and complexity of the functionality matter a lot. But usually building a website with wordpress can take from just 1 hour to even over 250 hours . But the amount usually is around 2-5 weeks.

Can I trust wordpress is the best for my custom website ?

Most companies that work with wordpress and offering wordpress services will tell you yes. And thats the truth in fact, because mostly and MVP will not need to be complicated and you are going to pay way less than creating the whole system from scratch. Just make sure the wordpress web agency you will hire has expertise in creating wordpress code from scratch. Some of these agencies combine dubious plugins and end up doing more harm than well.

How much does it cost to hire a WordPress developer?

Usually the cost of hiring a wordpress developer varies from $15 – $55 – $75 but it depends a lot on the work they have to do. The developers that must create custom code from scratch will charge you more. And the developers that just use plugins to obtain simple functionality are cheapest. If your project is serious, then you must aim for the bigger paid ones as they are better in solving complex functionality. Read more about cost to hire a wordpress developer.

Can a beginner build and manage a WordPress site ?

Any beginner can manage a wordpress website. There are people that have no common point with computers and still are able to manage their wordpress site. But building it is a bit more complicated. Yes it can be done by a beginner, but only up to a point. When doing a professional website you must hire a wordpress developer or a wordpress web agency. Choose the best agency for WordPress development services. And later on they can help you with WordPress maintenance services.

WordPress maintenance plans

Almost all wordpress web agencies will offer a maintenance plan. They usually do wordpress support or a monthly package. You must ask them what will be the price for ongoing maintenance. If they build your website then its best for them to take care of it long term as your business grows , you will always have someone there to ask for help in case the site is down at some point.

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