After we have discussed the different types of auctions and the launching of an auction website, is now time to discuss the auction template issue. Many people when wanting to launch an auction website, are looking for a theme or a template. So the initial thing is to search for an auction template for free. We are tying to see if there is out there any auction template that is free to use and download.

We really believe in free open source templates or themes, which are very trivial. But for any type of functionality, that is niched and specialised you will need to pay. In order to have a great auction website, the auction template that is used must not be free, so it will be paid. Because there are so many people that work hard to build these complex features, and they need to eat. Essentially these people program auction templates for a living. Thus they need to get paid. So most likely you will not find any auction template free out there.

What solutions do I have for an auction template free ?

The first thing you can think of is to use an auction theme for WordPress. Because an auction template is nothing else than an auction theme. So we must check and see what are our options. Essentially we want the website to have a few key features:

  • be able to post items in the site for auction
  • buyers register an account to buy or bid for items
  • highest bidder will win the goods
  • invoicing features
  • payment happens through the site
  • the website will take a commission
  • several currencies and payment gateways
  • great private messaging features
  • other connected features
  • supports woocommerce

We can recommend one of our themes that does all these and even more. However the auction template we have isnt free, but its price is fairly decent considering the features it has. Also a standalone script can cost even 3-4-10 times this much, and the support might not be that great. You can find more information about our auction theme here. And if you are looking for an auction plugin for wordpress then check this out.

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