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The short answer is Yes, wordpress is good for landing pages. Absolutely is good, because is free cms, and you can setup a landing page in no time. You will not find any other cms that can do this better or faster. The proof is here: over 35% of the websites in the world are made with wordpress. Thats an insane amount of websites.

But also seo in the page is really important specially on landing pages. WordPress is a good choice from the SEO perspective, but still you will have to do a few things. We have detailed here the seo best practices you need to take care. And here we have detailed the most important 10 tips on seo and wordpress.

If you cannot handle the building of your landing page, or simply want to outsource this to us. We can offer custom work services. Prices start at 99$. Request a free price quote here.

The content of the landing page is important too. Long form landing pages will allow you to convert visitors by providing great information about your product. All of these will be able to be controlled from your wordpress admin. Using page builders, or even the internal gutenberg builder of wordpress, you will be able to create short or long landing pages. The style and length of your landing page, will not be covered here. That will entirely depend on your inspiration, type of product, customers, and so on. We are only wanting to see the capability of wordpress when it comes to building landing pages.

How can I build a landing page with WordPress

We are assuming you are past the website installation, hosting and domain at this point. If not, then read our article about building a wordpress site, and choosing the best hosting for it. After that, we assume you have wordpress installed into your website and you are ready to go.

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