we just finished after a few months of hard work, to finally launch our v2 of the most popular microjobs theme, the WordPress Pricerr Theme. The new update brings a lot of fixes since the previous versions and a fresh new design which will give your website an unique look and differentiate from the other micro jobs websites. Below you will find a list of bugs fixed, added features and modified files since the last version.

Pricerr Theme Bug Fixes

– html emails fixed (problems with new user email fixed)
– private messages sending duplicate emails fixed
– withdraw requests duplicating fixed
– filters for emails and links on the private messages fixed
– filters for eamils and links on the chat conversation box fixed
– levels control fixed

Pricerr Theme Added Features

– ability to delete the private messages from admin area
– ability to visualise and delete the chat box messages from admin area
– a fresh new design, much more customizable than before
– tighter integration with wordpress core components
– compatibility with latest version of wordpress 3.6.1 (and 3.7)
– switch view on items: choose between grid and list view
– categories can have individual pictures and display into a widget with tiny thumbnails

List of files affected by the update

– PricerrTheme/style.css
– PricerrTheme/functions.php
– PricerrTheme/index.php
– PricerrTheme/header.php
– PricerrTheme/latest-jobs.php
– PricerrTheme/taxonomy.php
– PricerrTheme/footer.php
– PricerrTheme/archive-job.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/admin_menu.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/advanced_search.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/edit_job.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/post_new_post.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/first_run.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/post_new.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/blog_posts.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/chat_box.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/all_locations.php (new file)
– PricerrTheme/lib/all_categories.php (new file)
– PricerrTheme/lib/user_profile.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/my_account/my_account.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/my_account/payments.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/my_account/personal_info.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/my_account/private_messages.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/my_account/reviews.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/my_account/sales.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/my_account/shopping.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/my_account/login_register/register.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/my_account/login_register/sett.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/my_account/login_register/login.php

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