hello guys

we are happy to announce you that we just released a new update on our microjob wordpress theme. This version makes our theme much more solid, and brings a lot of fixes and optimizations, plus a few new features we have just added to the package via some new extensions. To see the details about this update check the lists below:

Changes/Fixes/Features added

– fixed search filters on search pages
– fixed search filters on taxonomy pages
– fixed various bugs in single job page
– fixed custom user field issues on single job page
– updated the requests plugin
– added new notifications plugin/extension
– fixed counts on orders/sales
– added new functionality to chat order page
– other optimisations

Changed Files:

– style.css
– functions.php
– header.php
– single-request.php
– taxonomy-job_cat.php
– taxonomy-job_location.php
– lib/first_run.php
– lib/user-profile.php
– lib/my-account/chat_box.php
– lib/my-account/my-account.php
– lib/my-account/account-settings.php
– lib/my-account/requests.php

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