Hello guys, see below the work we did for the pricerr theme update. We really hope at the end of the month to release the final version of this. Meanwhile, see a few screenshots:

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6 Responses to More information on the Pricerr Theme microjob theme update

  1. khurram says:

    beautiful waiting anxiously…. here are my suggestions for it.

    1- please add tip option. seller can add tip to worker
    2- please add delivery time counter , user and woker can see time counter and order can automatically cancelled/accepted after counter
    3- user can have multiple images on gig in scroll … not in gallery
    4- once buyer accept order , he automatically lands to review page with tip embedded option. review and tip process should be effortlessly.

  2. Hans-Peter says:

    At Fiverr the tip function is a great source of extra income for coders and as buyer you invest in the relation with the coders.

  3. OliverNix says:

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  4. jogomes2005@gmail.com says:

    hello i purchased the pricerr theme and i´m having issues to configure it

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