Hello guys

we are very proud to announce you a new face of the loved premium wordpress themes supplier, sitemile.com. We have invested a huge amount of work during last few weeks to change the face and the layout of our website and services. As you can see our website looks cleaner and more professional. Also our themes have new updates, and by the end of this month all our current themes will have dropped the old sitemile framework and getting their own framework. We are preparing a handful of surprises over the coming 2 months. See here the schedule for the next 2 months.

New themes releases

In the next few weeks we are planning a few theme releases. Some of them are totally new ideas, that havent been done before and we are the only one doing them and some of them are old ideas but we are taking them to the next level. Our wordpress premium themes are getting so much better. You can see a complete schedule for the next weeks here.

New themes Updates

Work on the current theme updates hasnt been neglected so we have put a lot of effort in updating the current themes. The latest update we have released was for the AuctionTheme, which right now can be called auction framework, since now its totally independent and you are free to use your own child themes. More complex updates like these will come for all our current themes. .

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