hey guys,

we just released an incremental update, on our pricerr microjobs theme, with a few optimizations to fix a few bugs and optimise a few things here and there. The biggest issue that was resolved in this update, were the bugs created by wordpress updating to v5.6 which from recent reports, has brought a lot of issues to the theme makers around the internet these days. Our issues were minor but we have managed to solve them through this update. See below a list of affected files, and the issues that were solved during this update:

List of files

– style.css
– functions.php
– lib/post-new.php
– lib/my-account/sales.php
– lib/my-account/shopping.php
– affiliate plugin/extension

Things fixed:

– fixed the picture upload in post new job process
– fixed some of the affiliate features
– fixed some css issues
– added new features to some of the widgets

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