Hello guys,

We are pleased to let you know we just released a new update for our loved micro-job theme, the Pricerr Theme for wordpress. With the new update of the Pricerr theme, you can launch a micro-job website even easier then before. The new features we just added to the theme will make your life easier. We also have fixed small issues and glitches in the theme so the theme is even more stable than it was before. To view a list of changes and features we just added to the theme see the list below.

Features Added and Bug Fixes

  • Feature Added – country flags for all users, based on their IP, 100% accuracy
  • Feature Added – country flags enable or disable from backend/admin area
  • Feature Added – express jobs, all jobs for 1 day are automatically labelled as Express
  • Feature Added – instant delivery, jobs with digital or downloadable goods
  • Feature Added – removed flash uploader, and added normal html uploader
  • Feature Added – collapsible sub-categories and sub-locations
  • Feature Added – filter function to show express and instant delivery jobs
  • Feature Added – notification bubble at the top when receiving private message
  • Bug Fix – iphone and ipad flash uploader not showing fixed
  • Bug Fix – payza payment gateway showing when disabled fixed
  • Bug Fix – search suggestions overlapping the search field fixed
  • Bug Fix – layout fix when displaying jobs
  • Bug Fix – twitter login fixed due to twitter last updates

List of files affected by this update

  • style.css
  • functions.php
  • latest-jobs.php
  • header.php
  • job.php
  • autosuggest.php
  • images/ folder added the country flags
  • classes/ip2locationlite.class.php – added file
  • lib/mark_completed.php
  • lib/mark_delivered.php
  • lib/edit_job.php
  • lib/post_new.php
  • lib/post_new_post.php
  • lib/admin_menu.php
  • lib/first_run.php
  • lib/purchase_this.php
  • lib/gateways/* all files in this folder
  • lib/my_account/my_account.php
  • lib/my_account/payments.php
  • lib/social/* all files in this folder
  • lib/widgets/browse-by-location.php
  • lib/widgets/browse-by-category.php

How do I upgrade to latest version

If you have the pricerr theme installed on your server recently (for a few months now) you probably know that since v1.3.0 the framework was not needed anymore. The same with v1.3.7 we just launched today, the framework is not needed. So you just need to focus on the pricerr theme when updating. To update you must use a ftp client (filezilla) and just overwrite your current pricerr theme. Do not forget if you did custom changes to your current theme, rewriting it will delete all changes, so the advice here as always, keep your changes in a child theme and always leave the parent theme untouched for the updates.

However if you did do changes to the parent theme, then updating is harder to realise. First you have the list of changed files and you will have to get into the new update files and start copy-pasteing content into your actual files. Its harder this way, but always think to have changes in a child theme.

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6 Responses to Pricerr Theme new update v.1.3.7

  1. microclerks says:

    a few good updates

  2. huanpv says:

    Thank you. You did a great work so far.

  3. monsur says:

    Is there user level feature?How does the pricing work?Is it fixed or can be defined different priced gigs?


  4. jaccortes says:


    This version has support for currency “colombian pesos”?

    when people buy, for example by paypal these “colombian pesos” are converted to dollars?


    a person buys a gig for $ 10,000 colombian pesos and at checkout, if the exchange rate is $ 1,800 Colombian pesos for a dollar, would pay $ 5.5 dollars?

    10000/1800 = 5.5 dollars

    If this is so, there is an option in the application to set and change the exchange rate?


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