Hello everyone,

we just launched a new update of the WordPress Pricerr Theme. After a long time since we havent released any blog post about updates we have done a lot of work in the background, getting from v1.2.1 (the last blog post we document about) to v1.3.4. Right now as you know, we have eliminated the sitemile framework from the pricerr theme, so now the theme is a parent theme, and you can add child themes to it. So right now modifying the Pricerr Theme and keeping up to date with the latest version will be much easier. For a complete list of features and modified files check the list below:

What is new in this version?

We have fixed a few bugs since the last version. Check the list below for a list of the most important bug fixes:

  • bug fix: slashes added to the description of the post new job
  • bug fix: extra job amount not added to paypal or moneybookers
  • bug fix: delete string fixed for private messages

If you already have purchased the sitemile Pricerr Theme, you can download it straight from your customer account. If you havent purchased it yet you can do it from here. Also the new update comes free for all customers that have the membership subscription. You can purchase your own subscription from here.

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21 Responses to Pricerr Theme new update v1.3.4

  1. amigio says:

    Ok, good updates but now posting an image to a new job insn’t working.
    Any idea ?

  2. admin says:

    try v1.3.4 and it should work 🙂

  3. tutp36 says:

    have you fix Rss feed, withdrawal option and facebook login?

  4. admin says:

    v.1.3.5 is coming in 3 days and this will have these fixed, and a few more: like express job, digital products, and user levels

  5. mohan says:

    How to update the theme without any impact on current site?

  6. admin says:

    if you havent done custom changes to the files. then copy over ftp, and overwrite.

  7. smr891 says:

    Is v.1.3.5 released soon, If the social bookmarking connect features are working then I would be happy to purchase.

  8. verion says:

    Version 1.3.5 finally is relased ..but i have not found “expres jobs” and “user levels” as features ..
    also this theme has issues and is not freshly compatible with seo plugins like “yoast seo plugin” and “All in One SEO Pack” that are the most popular SEO plugins for wordpress… any suggestion ??

    • admin says:

      it is compatible, i just tried the two plugins. Also the express jobs and user levels will be for next update(next week). The v1.3.5 has facebook and twitter logins, and some more bugs fixed.

      • verion says:

        The problem happens on pages and job posts pages… with “yoast seo plugin” are displayed only the “page name” while the “site title” are not displayed .. !

        Static Page Example:

        About Us |

        Must be displayed >> About Us | Micro Job Site

        or Job Post page Example:

        I will Design something for $5 |

        Must be displayed >> I will Design something for $5 | Micro Job Site

        Anyway if i check “Force rewrite titles” in yoast seo plugin options the same thing happens on pages and job pages.. any suggestion ?


  9. admin says:

    i tried yoast and when i set a title for a job page, it works fine… whats the problem ?

  10. admin says:

    ets move to the forums, is much easier.

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