An Introduction

Howdy people! We have great news! We have just released a new update for our loved theme, the WordPress PricerrTheme. With this update, Pricerr gets the most easy to use, most affordable and best featured micro-job or micro-task theme on the market. Since we launched Pricerr (6-7 months ago), the theme became very mature, and now counts over 1000 customers, so you can be sure it has a great community behind it. It is the perfect turn-key solution for the advanced and beginner entrepreneurs.

The planned update has been delayed by 1 week and we are sorry for that, but we needed more time to make it perfect, and right now we are pleased with the outcome of it. Also the theme works and has been tested and developed using the latest wordpress version (3.3.2) and we recommend you to use it in your new installations, or if you have already purchased the theme, we advise you to update your wordpress version.

So what’s new in this update?

First we fixed some old bugs we had in the theme, which were a bit annoying. Then we added some new features as well. Also we modified some current functions of the theme for a more optimized mode of running an micro/job website. For a complete list of things fixed, tweaked and added features see below:

  • Feature added: extra/additional services offered with each job
  • Feature added: admin tracker of completed, delivered and closed jobs
  • Feature added: cancel job from seller side
  • Bug Fixed: main page fixed pagination
  • Bug Fixed: order info disappearing when deleting a job
  • Bug Fixed: price displaying incorrectly when free input is enabled
  • Bug Fixed: page titles for categories and location taxonomies fixed
  • Bug Fixed: two new currencies added: HKD (Hong Kong Dollar), TRY(Turkish Lyra)
  • Bug Fixed: other 5-10 small bugs fixed

If you already have purchased the sitemile Pricerr Theme, you can download it straight from your customer account. If you havent purchased it yet you can do it from here. Also the new update comes free for all customers that have the membership subscription. You can purchase your own subscription from here.

You can see a list of all modified files here. This will help you to update your current theme much more easily.

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