Privacy Policy

About the privacy policy

We here at we take your personal information and privacy very seriously. We try to collect as little personal data as we can, in order to protect your personal data even better. By visiting our website ( you are consenting to the practices and information described in this privacy policy. Also this privacy policy refers to personal data collected directly/indirectly through our website We are not responsible for any other related websites that collect your information.

What does the policy cover exactly ?

This privacy policy covers how treats, collects and uses personal information from the users/visitors of the website. We explain here what we collect, how we collect, and what do we use the personal information for exactly, in order to protect your privacy better. The information we collect is strictly used to offer you the services you signup for in our website. We do not sell, use or pass on your information to other third parties under any circumstance.

What information do we collect ?

The information that you provide to us when creating an account: your email address and your desired username. This information is used strictly to create your account, for you to access your purchased products. We may use your email address to contact you regarding support or billing inquiries. We do not send out unsolicited newsletters or promotions without your approval.

Other info we can collect is your IP address, which is collected by our server automatically anyway. This helps us if any fraudulent access to your account occurs, and helps us to identify if anyone is using your account without your consent.

Billing / Financial Information

Through our payment processors (PayPal, 2checkout) when you make a payment, we receive the payment details from these websites. We keep the data safely only for billing purposes, or invoice purposes. We do not store that data to send our promotional or unsolicited emails to you without your consent. When using the two payment processors to pay for a theme/plugin that we sell, you should be already in agreement with their terms and conditions and their privacy policy.

How do we use the information collected from you ?

The answer is simple, we use the information only for creating an account and help you to access your purchased products here in Also we can use your information internally to identify you as a customer when you request support from our staff, or for when you ask invoice for your purchase. We do not use your information for any other purpose then described above.

Modifying this policy

We try not to modify the privacy policy without notifying you as the customer, and offering you the chance to opt-in our out with the future changes. However we reserve the right to modify this without any notice.

Deleting my account

If you want to delete your account in our website, please contact us at:

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