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Pricerr Theme. The #1 wordpress template for micro job sites. Launch your fully featured microjobs marketplace website within minutes. Best support too!

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WordPress Pricerr Microjob Theme

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We help you lift this from the ground up within 3 days. Real time, no funny business, no empty promises. You do not need any experience, we do it all for you. From setup to finding the best web hosting. Lets start today and launch your desired marketplace website. We can do any marketplace website out of this script. And all is 7 day money back guarantee!

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Basic usage of our pricerr theme

The best microjob theme for WordPress

The best WordPress theme for creating a micro job website. Quick and easy to install, launch your website in minutes. Selling tasks and services can be done with just a few clicks with our turn-key solution. Without the need of any extra plugins, Pricerr is the best solution for both novice and professional webmasters. We really think is the best microjobs theme on the market!

About the micro job wordpress theme

Pricerr Micro Jobs Theme for WordPress is the original and #1 theme on the internet that allows you to setup a micro job website. Also you can set a task marketplace website or a chores website. Another example is a student/tutor services website. With a great pack of features, payment methods and plug and play functionality, Pricerr Theme is the best solution for your micro jobs website.


A perfect turn key solution to launch a powerful micro jobs marketplace website within minutes. Launch a very much similar site to a fiverr clone. Start using Pricerr and gain from each transaction. The real world examples of the success of this type of sites are: Fiverr, Taskrabbit, Peopleperhour, and many other niche freelancer sites, which show how these gig websites work.

What does Pricerr Theme do?

Our micro job website theme allows people to post jobs they can do and the ones that are interested can buy the jobs/services. At the end of the job, the seller rates the buyer for the job and gets the job done. But you can check our other theme, if you are looking for freelance marketplace wordpress theme.


All these are topped up by some fantastic tools such as private messages which allow users to communicate and share files and information with one another. If you are looking for a free wordpress theme like fiverr, then you must know our theme is quite affordable and prices start from $99. And they are much better than jobster theme or workreap or even hirebee theme. Plus the support for this theme is fantastic.


The theme also comes with multiple monetisation tools for the site owner, like charging for listings, taking a percent out of each job, featuring job fees and many others. There is also the possibility of using escrow through PayPal adaptive for even more secure payments.


You have below the main features of the Pricer Theme. For some frequently asked questions you can visit the FAQ Pricerr Theme page and if you have a custom inquiry about this theme you can contact us. Also you can create multi seller or service marketplace themes like fiverr.

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Best WordPress Service Marketplace Theme - Fiverr Clone 2024

Latest release: 14 May 2023
Current version:
Requires: WordPress 5.5.1
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Have a Question?
If you need help with the theme or if you have a question before purchasing contact us or use our livechat to rise up your questions. Usualy you get your answer in less than 2-3 hours.

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Why should you choose the Pricerr Theme?

Our theme has been tested in hundreds of situations and business
models. With each update, Pricerr gets more polished to perfection.
The top notch support
Receive excellent support via live chat and email tickets for any purchase, included. Other companies charge big bucks for having awesome support.
Regular Updates
Our theme is getting monthly updates or, even better, 2 updates each month, and at least 2 major updates each year. Always download the most recent update from your member dashboard.
Feature-packed Theme
Pricerr theme comes with a plethora of features. We have a lot of monetization tools, many payment gateways, easy customer-service provider interaction, live chat, and many future possibilities for having a great marketplace website.
Custom Work Options
Our team offers custom work services for the ones out there that want to take their project to the next level. You have the chance to not mess with novice freelancers and waste money. Instead you are offered professional programming services. No need to outsource anymore.
Page Builders
Our micro job WordPress theme includes the option to use a popular page builder such as elementor pro or elementor free version, wpbakery page builder, divi page builder, beaver builder, visual composer, and others. Its compatible with any because it uses standard WordPress widgets and shortcodes.
Multi vendor Marketplace
Launch a multi vendor marketplace website with this amazing wordpress theme. It offers a dashboard for the users and b2b tools. And its the best thing you can use for ecommerce when it comes to multiple vendors out there.
Native Phone Apps
We can deliver native phone apps for iOS devices and for Android devices. We help you publish your apps on the App Store and on the Google Play store.

Compatible with Woocommerce

The PRO version (299$) is compatible with woocommerce. Essentially you can use any payment gateway thats supported by woocommerce, so users can pay through your local payment gateway. This is a great way to support developing markets which do not have popular payment gateways from developing countries.

Fiverr Clone with WordPress

Launch your own multiseller marketplace website, basically a fiverr clone with WordPress. And with our theme , you can have your customers or users signup themselves and list their services. Basically creating a way for them to sell services they offer. While you can sit back and charge a commission for each sale. And this comes with many extras, like multiple payment gateways, scheduled jobs, multiple extras, multiple packages and so on. So you can just try this amazing fiverr clone.

Works with Elementor

Our theme works with Elementor page builder (and other page builders as well, like Divi and Visual Composer) . In fact, the page as you see now is done in elementor. It even works well with the free version so you don’t have to pay for anything extra unless you want to. Great compatibility and high speed for creating custom pages and building the website however you want to.

Responsive Design
Our theme looks good on all devices
The WordPress microjob Pricerr theme looks good and adapts itself no matter the device you are watching on. It has a dedicated responsive design that adapts to mobile phones or devices, tablets, laptops, big screen monitors, or TVs. It uses the Boostrap CSS framework, which is a very powerful and popular CSS framework, and working with it is plain and simple, enhancing future development and changes.
respponsive theme pricerr
messaging system system
Top Notch Support
We offer great support through live chat and email/tickets.
We are giving our best to offer you great support through various channels, like live chat support (at least 5-18 hrs each day), email support 24/7 and also the possibility of sending tickets and updates about your request. In most cases, standard support is included with all the purchases in our offer, which many similar companies charge extra for.
Job Comparison Table
Do you have a job or package comparison table?
The theme comes with a comparison table for the packages you add to your job/service. That will help the buyer to see the packages side by side and compare the pros and the cons of each one and to buy the most appropriate package that fits his needs. This comes as an extension or in the pro version of the theme.
packages comparison pricerr theme

Pricerr Theme Use Cases

The micro job theme can be used for multiple purposes and is very customizable.

Pricerr theme can be used for many purposes. It could be used for a regular micro job site, or for student-teacher courses or lessons. We have successfully implemented it for other customers creating an online marketplace for influencers and advertisers on Instagram or Youtube. Therefore, the use case scenarios are only limited by your imagination, as we also offer customization services.

Many Common Payment Gateways

We have a lot of payment gateways ready made from the most known, to the very local ones, for various countries.

There are a handful of available payment gateways that come with our theme. They can be purchased individually, or can be purchased with the PRO package. In that case, you will get all the possible extensions we offer for this theme. The following payment gateways are compatible with the Pricerr theme: PayPal, Skrill, Payza, CCAvenue, Stripe (simple or marketplace), Pesapal, Quickpay, Braintree, Bitcoins, , MangoPay, Paystack, Sagepay, Voguepay (Nigeria market), Payfast(for South Africa market), iDeal Mollie, iDeal Sisow (for the Dutch market), Instamojo, Flutterwave (rave payment gateway for african countries) and others. Also, we can integrate as custom work any payment gateway with an extra cost from $65-150$ (or more if the case, unlikely).

We Support Crypto Currency

We have integration with crypto currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, doge coin, and others. We can also integrate any other crypto currency with the right payment gateway (eg: coinbase). Besides, our theme is set to be used with up to 8-10 decimals to accommodate the crypto currency support.
messaging system system
Private Messages & Chat
Integrated private messaging system and live chat
The Pricerr microjob theme comes with an integrated private messaging system and a chat system (PRO version) that allows users to exchange messages and files and collaborate on their jobs/requests. Everything is integrated alongside email notifications when a new event takes place. Also, with custom work, we can integrate various SMS gateways (contact us). (contact us).

Do you need an app too?

We offer iOS and Android apps in the entrepreneur package of the theme. These apps are native apps, which integrate perfectly into your iPhone or Android phone, and they are not webview apps like others try to offer. We will assist you in publishing the apps in App Store and in Google Play Store.

We support RTL Arabic Too

Our micro jobs Pricerr theme comes with RTL language options as well, which supports all Arabic languages and, in fact, any RTL type of language. This way, the readers of your website will be able to see your site in their known way. We also provide language files for Arabic. This feature comes with the PRO version of the theme. Demo here Demo here
arabic language rtl

We support RTL Hebrew Too

We support RTL languages like Hebrew and others with seamless integration. This feature will be available in the PRO version of the theme, and we can provide the Hebrew language translation file as well as the features associated with it to display them correctly for your Hebrew language readers/visitors. Demo here. Demo here.
hebrew language rtl

Main features of the Pricerr Theme


  • pricerr theme icon

    Task/Job Post

    The tasks/micro-jobs are custom post types and it is very easy to add new jobs from the WordPress admin, assign categories, assign locations, assign tags, set job price, make them featured. Also, the theme has custom pages to display the jobs by taxonomy (like category and location). Plus has user personal profile page, where it shows all the user’s posted and active jobs.

  • pricerr theme icon

    Fully Responsive Layout

    Our theme works well on any kind of device. From desktop computers, laptops, to tablets, smartphones and any type of phone. The theme design will stretch out or shrink automatically to fit your screen size and device. Also, the responsiveness can be turned off if you wish to. This will ensure that your site is popular across all types of devices.

  • pricerr theme icon

    WordPress 6.1.1 Supported

    The Pricerr Theme supports the latest version of WordPress. The theme has been tested on WordPress 6.1.1 and works flawlessly and each time WordPress updates, we update the theme so it works with the latest version. Also the theme works in previous versions of wordpress starting v3.0 (although is recommended to use at least v4.2).

  • pricerr plug in icon

    Plug and Play

    Our micro-job theme/script is plug-and-play so you won’t need any additional plugins or scripts to run your Pricerr based website. The installation process is very simple and it takes less than 5 minutes: you just use the WordPress installer, upload the theme archive file and you are ready. For those who cannot handle this, we offer installation services along with your purchase.

  • pricerr profile icon

    The seller has control

    The sellers have total control over their jobs. They can add new jobs, edit current tasks, repost projects, suspend and activate jobs. There is a sales management panel where users can see current active jobs or completed and closed ones. They can also track revenues, request withdraw current cash balance and they have a private messages area to communicate with the buyers.

  • pricerr profile icon

    Email Notifications

    Your users get email notifications when they post a job, purchase a job, complete a task, close a project and other important user activity events. The Pricerr Theme has a complex admin side from where you can control the templates for all the emails sent in your website, allowing them to be translated and modified into any international language.

  • pricerr blog icon

    Facebook Integration

    Pricerr has built in Facebook integration and lets your users login to your site with their Facebook profile. Additionally, it allows your users to “like” the jobs and to share them on their Facebook walls. This simple tool is very useful for your site’s traffic and popularity.

  • pricerr twitter icon

    Twitter Integration

    Very easy integration with one of the most popular social networks, Twitter. Simply add your Twitter account in the backend and your users can follow you. Also, each service page has a “share on Twitter” button. Besides, they can use their twitter accounts to login to your website.

  • pricerr bitcoins icon

    Bitcoins Supported

    Our amazing Pricerr Theme supports Bitcoin. We have integrated a payment gateway for bitcoins and now your customers can pay for jobs using bitcoins. Note that this is available as an extra-dev license and will not need further work and development and it works out of the box.

  • pricerr blog icon

    Blog Support

    Thanks to custom post types, the blog feature of your WordPress site is still supported as before and not disturbed by the Pricerr theme activity, so you can still blog about anything you want. This makes your Pricerr based micro-job website a fully-featured website that can compete with the biggest micro-job sites on the market.

  • pricerr theme icon

    Task/Job Post

    The tasks/jobs are custom post types and it is very easy to add new jobs from WordPress admin, assign categories, assign locations, assign tags, set job prices, make featured ads.

  • sitemile pricerr theme plug and play

    Plug and Play

    Our theme is plug and play and you dont need any extra plugins or other scripts to run your Pricerr based website. Also the installation process is very simple: you just use the WordPress installer, upload the theme archive file and you are ready.

  • google icon sitemile pricerr wordpress theme

    Google Support

    Pricerr Theme has the Google Maps with Street View feature fully integrated allowing you to track your job’s location. Google Analytics is also supported and fully integrated, so simply copy and paste your own tracking code.

  • sitemile email

    Email Notifications

    Your users get email notifications when posting a job. Also, you will find available on the single job page a report violation feature and a contact form to email the user. There are also notifications for registering users and for purchasing jobs.

  • sitemile currency

    Multi Currency Support

    The theme comes packed with various currency support. The most commonly supported currencies are US Dollars (USD), Euro (EUR), British Pounds (GBP), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Australian Dollars(AUD), Japanese yen(JPY) or the brazilian real etc..

  • sitemile user

    User Profiles

    Each user has its own profile with all the posted and active jobs. Also, in the user profile there is some configurable bio message where the user can write some information about them and also an avatar feature.

  • paypal adaptive auction theme

    PayPal Integrated

    PayPal payment system is one of the most used payment systems in the world. Our theme will support in the future: AlertPay, Google Checkout, Moneybookers and Very easy to use, just put your payment details in the back end and start collecting payments.

  • sitemile facebook

    Facebook integration

    Give the chance to your users to “like” the auctions, and to share them on their facebook wall. This simple tool is very useful for your site’s traffic and popularity.

  • sitemile twitter

    Twitter integration

    Very easy integration with one of the most popular social networks, Twitter. Simply add your twitter account in the backend and your users can follow you. Also each auction page has a share on twitter button.

  • sitemile lifetime support

    Lifetime Support

    We offer you unlimited access to future updates and lifetime support for all the questions and trouble you might have with installing and using the theme. Our forums are packed with questions and answers about the theme. We also have a great database of documentation that will help you install and manage the theme.

  • messaging auction theme

    Private Messaging

    This tool will allow your users to communicate more effectively through a secure system without revealing personal information about one another, while also keeping all activity on your website and you in control.

  • sitemile wallet

    Credit System

    Users get paid in virtual cash and when they want, they can select to withdraw the money into their PayPal account.