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A complete freelancer marketplace wordpress theme


Our freelancer marketplace theme is packed with monetisation tools. Charge a listing fee, featured fee, commission fee out of each sale. Even charge a monthly subscription membership.

Easy to setup

The freelancer marketplace theme is very easy to setup for any type of user, even beginners. We have tutorials, and sequence on how to import. And in the end, if you can't make it, we will help you!

Excellent Support

We offer top notch support for all our customers. We have livechat and excellent email support. We even offer paid customization services if needed. Just let us know!

Complete solution

Our system is a complete all in one solution. You don't need any extra plugins or software to run a complete freelancer marketplace website. We also offer native phone apps too (iOS and Android).

Works with Elementor

Our theme works with Elementor page builder (and other page builders as well, like divi and visual composer) . In fact the page as you see now is done in elementor. It even works very good with the free version so you dont need to spend anything extra, unless you want to. Great compatibility and high speed in creating custom pages and building the website however you want to.

Installing is super easy

Installing our theme is super easy, and you can customise to a good degree with elementor and theme options. Get up and running with project bidding.

Top features for real businesses

Our theme has an abundance of features, in order to really build a freelancer website. No jokes, just serious features! Has users dashboard too!
You will not find anything even remotely similar to our wordpress freelancer theme. Project Theme is the a complete system to have a real freelancer website which can be actually put into production. With many rich features, from the user experience part to strong monetisation tools, our freelancer theme will change your whole perspective even before you plan to start your task or tender website business. Our support is top notch, and has no rival among the other theme developers from this niche. Also we are one of the fewest theme vendors that offer custom work services for the ones that want to take the already rich feature functionality, to the next step.

Our Reviews

Find below a few reviews that our theme and our services
got on Trustpilot. Our great ratings recommend our services.

Philippe Halimi

The team is very proactive and professional. always listening and available to help you in all circumstances. Their sites are 100% functional. They quickly make any changes needed. I highly recommend them. They have my full confidence. Thanks to them!

Rankwell Digital Marketing

Their websites have all the basic functions you need to (say) set up a upwork or freelancer type of marketplace. Without the need of getting a custom site built. I had a few particular adjustments I wanted made to mine to suit my plans and the tech team was able to do this for me with out too much fuss. Which is great!

Dallrotica Esquire

Andrei is a beast! Just spent over an hour helping me navigate my new site. Customer support was my NUMBER ONE factor in choosing a theme to go with. He was the one who helped me pre-purchase and is the main reason why I chose to buy. Now that I have purchased, he is doing exactly what I was hoping for. Great guy and super happy he's been so helpful and putting up with my relentless questions :) !

Greg Sallas

Their theme is by far the best freelancer theme out there thats made for wordpress. It has so many features, and even though is a bit more expensive than others (and cheaper than others that are worse) its worth it as it has all the possible features, and they have also a great skype support!

Wordpress Freelance Theme
A complete freelancer directory theme

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Several Payment Gateways

We offer multiple payment gateways from the most common ones to the most specific ones (for countries like India, South Africa). Among the most popular gateways that we support are: Stripe, PayPal, Stripe Connect, Payfast, CCAvenue, Skrill, Authorize and many others.

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Zip/Postcode Radius Search

Another great feature of our theme is that your users can search for an item based on an address, or zip/post code, and on a given radius (miles or km). This feature is based on Google’s geo coordinates and results display on a map in the search page. So you can have a location based freelancer marketplace website.

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Credit System

Users can buy virtual cash and use the cash to pay for the projects, to submit proposals for projects, or to list new projects/tasks or for posting job. Users can pay for the tasks with the credit and the paid members can withdraw the amount they earned. Each user has its own e-wallet and admin can control everything from the backend.

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Email Notifications

Your users get email notifications, when they bid, they get outbid, when they get new proposals posted for their project or when they receive private messages. The theme has email notifications for freelancers, when they have received payments for their work. The best feature here: freelancers can signup for certain categories and they can get an email notification when a project is posted in their interest area.

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Escrow System

With the credit system there is also an escrow feature that comes with the Project Theme. The idea is the project owner will deposit virtual money into escrow for the bid winner, until he completes the project. After that the escrow is released. And the bid winner, will have the funds in his account, ready for requesting a withdrawal from the admin of the site. This is very useful for the freelance wordpress theme.

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Freelancer Rating System

Freelancer and customers rate each other after the completed project and each user has his own general rating for the other users to see. Then the rating of each user is displayed next to their username by little 5 star rating icons. Also the rating is displayed in user profile and in bidding tables.

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RTL Support

Our theme supports now the RTL language type, meaning its suited for using hebrew or arabic languages without any other additional work or modifications. This is available with all versions of the theme (yearly or lifetime). Now our arabic and hebrew customer base can be happy of this new addition.

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Private Messaging

This tool will help your freelancers and customers, to better communicate through a safe system without revealing each others personal information, keep all activity under your website and also keeping you in control over the transactions. You are in total control of the private messages, and you can moderate from your administration area.

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Monetisation Tools

The theme offers several monetization tools, from charging a listing fee, charging a featured listing fee, charging for a monthly membership. Also you can charge a commission fee out of each sale at the end of each project. All transactions are logged into the admin side.

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Freelancer Profiles

Freelancers can create their profiles. The customers as well register and create their profiles. And the customers can do jobs search based on requirements of people interested in a particular category. Basically this is treated as a buyers and sellers system that create online orders when bidding for projects.

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Freelance Platform

Create one of the best freelancer platforms with our freelancer marketplace theme today. With just some simple steps from purchase to actually using the theme. You can have this theme up and running in minutes. And this is without any wordpress development. Create the ultimate freelance bidding site.

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SEO Ready

Our theme is seo ready and you can count on it for being seo optimised and ready to go. However seo is an ongoing thing and if you need professional seo services you can check our seo packages and decide on one. Our team offers fantastic seo services and can deal with any type of site or niche.

Some examples of usage for our Wordpress freelance marketplace theme

Freelancer Websites

Launch a freelancer website in minutes with our theme. A complete theme without the need of any other plugins that can be deployed within minutes. Similar to sites like upwork or guru or freelancer dot com. Have a really solid base to start your freelancer website. This one is a good alternative to php freelancer scripts out there. Launch an upwork clone with this amazing upwork wordpress theme.

Tender Websites

The freelancer project theme is also good for launching a tenders websites. Your suppliers can supply goods for various types of businesses. Others put up offers and if they are accepted you can take a percent out of the transaction. All variations on this subject are possible.

Lead Selling/Buying

Launch a lead buying website that works like this: a person posting their need will have his personal information hidden, and service providers will have to pay a fee to buy and have access to that information to present the offer to the customer.

Small Task Websites

Our theme allows you to have a task website that can be also based on location and radius/map. The users can search for tasks in their area and you can make money out of each sale, or from listing fees. The possibilities are endless. Just start using today the freelance marketplace template.

Multiple Language Options

Our theme can be translated in any language with the help of the PO file. Every string in the theme is localised with the help of wordpress specific functions, so any translation plugin will work well. We provide language files on request too, but by defauly we offer: English, French, German, Korean, Spanish, Portuguesse, Greek, Romanian, Hungarian, Dutch, Russian, Thai and others.

We offer a native phone app too!

We offer iOS and Android apps in the entrepreneur package of the theme. These apps are native apps, which integrate perfectly in your iPhone or android phone, and they are not webview apps like others try to offer. We will also help you publish the apps in the Apple AppStore and in Google Play Store.

Supports Crypto Currency

We have integration with crypto currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, doge coin, and others. We can also integrate any other crypto currency with the right payment gateway (eg: coinbase). Also our theme is set to be used with up to 8-10 decimals to accomodate the crypto currency support.
dedicated account for contractor and project owner
Dedicated Accounts
Each user type has its own separate account area.
Our theme comes with two user types: one for the contractor(freelancer) and one for the project owner. They can be separated or together for the same user. Also each account role has their own tools for bidding, posting projects, managing their earnings and financial and all that good stuff.
High Security
Very well written code, high attention to security
Our code is well written and non encrypted. Also the security of the customer data is at a very high level. The payments are processed mostly in the secure payment gateway pages (eg: PayPal , stripe). The admin backend is also very secure and can be password protected. Your regular users won’t even know the site is wordpress.
high security sitemile theme project

Does it work with woocommerce ?

woocommerce sitemile
Yes, we can ensure integration with woocommerce when purchasing custom work and we can give you a price quote, as this does require some custom integration from case to case. The integration is at the payment level, and orders level. You can also contact us for any questions that you might have on this matter.

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Excellent reviews
436 reviews on Trustpilot


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Do you need a mobile phone app too ?

If you need a native mobile phone app for iOS and Android , we can build a native app for you to use on the website you are going to install the theme. Just drop us a note, and get in contact with us.

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Tons of Available Payment Gateways

We have a lot of payment gateways ready made from the most notorious to the very local ones, for various markets

There is a handful of available payment gateways that come with our theme. They all can be purchases individually, or can be purchased with the PRO package of the theme. In that case, you will get all possible extensions we offer for this theme. The available payment gateways with this theme are: PayPal, Skrill, Payza, CCAvenue, Stripe (simple or marketplace), Pesapal, Quickpay, Braintree, Bitcoins, , MangoPay, Paystack, Sagepay, Voguepay (Nigeria market), Payfast(for South Africa market), iDeal Mollie, iDeal Sisow (for the Dutch market), Instamojo, Flutterwave (rave payment gateway for african countries) and others. Also we can integrate as custom work any payment gateway, with an extra cost from $65-150$ (or more if its the case, unlikely).

Responsive Design
Our theme looks good on all devices
The wordpress project freelancer theme, looks good and adapts itself no matter on what device are you looking on. It has dedicated responsive design that adapts to mobile phone or devices, tablets, laptops, big screen monitors, or TVs. It used boostrap css framework and developing further design changes is standard and easy.
respponsive theme project

dedicated escrow system
Escrow & E-wallet
Integrated escrow and e-wallet systems
We have integrated into our theme a complete e-wallet/credit system and also an escrow system. That way , your freelancers and project owners stay secure while working on projects. And the payment isn’t released until the freelancer does the work, and the customer confirms the project as done. Also there is a withdrawal of funds system integrated. Of course all these can be deactivated if needed from admin area. Find out more about how it works here. And that is very similar to popular sites, and you can launch your own upwork clone.
Avada & Divi Theme
Can integrate with avada and divi theme
Our team can provide you custom work services at a very reasonable price to integrate avada or divi theme with our project freelancer theme. This if you dont like the current layout of our theme but still want to have the good features we offer. You can ask our team details about this feature. Also our theme is compatible with elementor pro, beaver page builder, divi builder, visual composer, wp bakery and other page builders.
high security sitemile theme project

upwork Clone Wordpress

Launch an upwork clone with this amazing theme. And because we have so many features, like escrow, project bidding, contests, bidding tokens (connects), commission fees, payment gateways, you can truly launch an upwork clone with this wordpress theme. And this will be an out of the box solution. But of course if you need extra website development services, then you can check our services and schedule a call with our team. Check out this article on how to launch a thumtack clone.

Could this be used as a handyman website ?

Use this theme to have a handyman website, where service providers can be matched with jobs in a certain area. Or other dozens of uses.

Our theme can be used for a handy man website type of thing, where customers can post a service they need, and the system will match the service request with the service providers, based on location with pinpoint accuracy, or service category. Also the service providers can be charged a certain amount to be able to contact the service seeker or to see the contact details of the service seeker, thus buying leads. These settings can be tweaked or edited by custom work if needed or adjusted to a certain degree from the theme settings.

messaging system system
Fantastic Support
We offer great support through live chat and tickets.
We are giving our best to offer great support through various channels, like live chat support (at least 5-18 hrs each day), email support 24/7 and also the possibility of sending tickets and updates about your request. Other companies are much more lower than us on this level. Plus we offer extra custom work through our affordable web design services.
Location Ready
Search based on location and radius(km or miles) and zip/postal code
Integrated Google maps location service lets you search for projects and freelancers within a radius (km or miles) from a given address postal code (zip code). This extra feature is present with all versions of the theme. It will also give you a map showing all the found projects and markers on the map for each one.
map theme project

messaging system system
Private Messages & Chat
Integrated private messaging system and chat
The project freelancer theme comes with an integrated private messaging system and a chat system that allows users to exchange messages and files and collaborate for their projects. Everything is integrated alongside email notifications when a new event takes place. Also with custom work we can integrate various SMS gateways (contact us).

Our Available Extensions

These extensions are available within our membership. Learn more.

Stripe Payment Gateway - Freelancer Theme
Add stripe as payment gateway to your site. Support major credit cards.
Payoneer Payment Gateway
Adds payoneer payment gateway for your freelancers to withdraw funds
WordPress Project Theme Disputes
Lets your project owners open disputes for the projects they needed done, and were not completed by the freelancer.
Affiliate features
Get affiliate features into your site. Let users promote your website, while they make a small commission on each sale they bring to the site.
Payfast Payment Gateway
Add payfast as payment gateway to your site. Support major credit cards. Also Rands (ZAR) as currency.
Project Milestones
Lets you split the payment for your project into milestones.
Map Radius Search
Provides a map, and a way to search by zip code/address based on radius(km/miles). gateway
Adds coinpayments gateway to your website, to process crypto currencies.
e-wallet Escrow
Allows escrow to be done with the e-wallet/credit system.
Live Chat Users
Lets users have a livechat inside the website/theme.
Voguepay Payment Gateway
Add voguepay as payment gateway to your site. Also adds nigerian naira (NGN) as currency. For nigeria market.
Freelancer User Approve
Lets you manually review and approve a freelancer user before they are able to post proposals/bids to your website.
Payumoney Payment Gateway
Add payumoney as payment gateway to your site. For indian market.
Webxpay gateway
Adds webxpay payment gateway to the project theme. For Sri Lanka market.
Braintree Payment Gateway
Add braintree payment gateway to your site.
Mollie Payment Gateway
Add iDeal, iDeal Mollie, Sisow to your site.
Quickpay Payment Gateway
Add quickpay payment gateway to your site.
Mangopay Payment Gateway
Add Mangopay payment gateway to your site.
Paystack Payment Gateway
Add paystack as payment gateway to your site.
Pesapal Payment Gateway - Freelancer Theme
Add pesapal as payment gateway to your site. For African countries (Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya) markets.
CCAvenue Payment Gateway
Add CCAvenue payment gateway to your site.
WordPress ProjectTheme Memberships
Gives membership option to users
RTL Language Project Theme
Have rtl orientation (hebrew or arabic language) for your site using the project theme.
Rave payment gateway (by flutterwave)
Rave payment gateway ( by flutterwave ) for african countries, supports multiple currencies.
User switch for Project Theme
Lets your users switch between freelancer and buyer from their account area.
Contests Module System
Lets employers post contests, similar to the idea you find on Freelancers submit their designs/work before bidding.
Stripe Connect Marketplace
Adds stripe connect module to project freelancer theme
Twilio SMS Notification
Adds twillio api to send sms notifications for users along side with email notifications (default)
Services/Jobs Module
Lets your users post services they offer on the website that uses the project theme.
PayWay Payment Gateway
Provides payway payment gateway for Serbian and Croatian market.
Invoice System
Generate pdf invoices for taxing purposes, for the customers. Customers will download the invoices from their account.
2checkout Payment Gateway
Adds 2checkout payment gateway to the project theme
User Notifications
Shows the user the notifications about chats and messages. Facebook style message notifications for the user.
Paystack Payment Gateway
Add paystack as payment gateway to your site.
Paytabs payment gateway
Adds paytabs payment gateway to your theme, for the Middle East.
Razorpay Payment Gateway
Adds razorpay payment gateway for India market
Mercadopago payment gateway
Adds the mercadopago payment gateway, good for Chile, Argentina, and other latin America countries.