Hello to everyone

we are pleased today to let you know we have launched a new update of our loved, WordPress Project Bidding Theme, the version 1.3.8. The new update brings a few security fixes, more solid compatibility with the already launched wordpress 3.5 and some new features. To see a complete list of things improved and fixed and also a list of modified files, see the list below:

Things fixed and improved:

  • security fix on deleting the project
  • security fix on editing a project
  • fixed the blog page pagination
  • feature added – attach files to private messages between users
  • feature added – user types are now native wordpress user roles
  • register page to login page – small fix
  • support for cimy user fields plugin
  • added all posted (active and closed) projects page
  • toggle hide/show status on all categories and all locations pages
  • admin approves the private messages function
  • several small bug fixes and optimizations

List of files modified:

  • functions.php
  • style.css
  • header.php
  • lib/admin_menu.php
  • lib/choose_winner.php
  • lib/post_new.php
  • lib/bidding-panel.php
  • lib/post_new_post.php
  • lib/blog_page.php
  • lib/all-posted-projects.php
  • lib/first_run.php
  • lib/advanced_search.php
  • lib/all_categories.php
  • lib/all_locations.php
  • lib/gateways/adaptive-paypal-project.php
  • lib/my_account/personal_information.php
  • lib/my_account/private_messages.php
  • lib/my_account/rate_user.php
  • lib/my_account/mark_completed.php
  • lib/my_account/mark_delivered.php

Getting hands on this update:

Yo get this new update, you just have to login to your sitemile member account, and download the v.1.3.8 from there. After that you can just login to your server using a ftp client (eg: filezilla) and copy over your project theme. Make sure you havent done changes to your old files, and also make a backup before this, just in case something goes wrong.

If you havent purchased the project theme yet you can do it from here, or if you want to get the sitemile membership you get the theme included there along with the other themes we offer.

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