Hello Guys

after a few weeks of work we have finally released the new version of our WordPress Project Bidding Theme, the v1.3.9 version. Along with this new update we have eliminated a lot of the issues and glitches of the previous version, plus we brought to the table some long awaited features. For a complete list of feature and edited files read more below:

New Features And Fixes

  • Portfolio Pictures – all users(service providers) can now have an image gallery to showcase their previous work.
  • Email on message board – receive email notification when a message is posted on project message board
  • Private Message Pagination – pagination of inbox and outbox for private messages
  • Winner Email missing amount bug fixed
  • Search for users in backend fixed.
  • Several bugs fixed in user profile based on user type
  • Orders bugs fixed in admin backend
  • Mark Delivered/Mark Completed of orders from backend
  • Other numerous bug fixes

List of modified files

  • ProjectTheme/functions.php
  • ProjectTheme/style.css
  • ProjectTheme/taxonomy.php
  • ProjectTheme/archive-project.php
  • ProjectTheme/latest-projects.php
  • ProjectTheme/single-project.php
  • ProjectTheme/header.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/user-profile.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/admin_menu.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/advanced_search.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/post_new.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/my-upload.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/bidding-panel.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/message-board.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/user-feedback.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/first_run_emails.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/post_new_post.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/first_run.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/uploadify/uploady8.php – added file
  • ProjectTheme/lib/uploadify/uploady2.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/my_account/* – all files (except a few)
  • ProjectTheme/lib/login_register/register.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/gateways/credits_listing.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/gateways/moneybookers_listing_response.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/gateways/paypal_listing.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/wdigets/best-rated-users.php
  • ProjectTheme/css/menu.css

How Do I Get This Update?

To get this update you simply download it from your customer area, in your account in sitemile website. Once downloaded either upload via FTP connection, or just via the wp-admin (this will be trickier since you need to disable your current theme, so recommended is the FTP path). Also if you have custom changes or plan to do custom changes, keep them in a child theme so when you update your ProjectTheme you will simply copy paste.

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2 Responses to ProjectTheme Update Released v1.3.9

  1. promolancer says:

    Can you guys update my client area? It’s still showing version 1.3.8…

  2. admin says:

    hello, v1.3.9 shows in client area from the day we launched this update. Please check ProjectTheme and not other themes.

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