Ready Made API for Web and Mobile Apps

Offering a ready made API for Authentication, Payment, Emails, Webhooks and more. Build your saas, mobile app or web app fast. Plus have a great CMS and a blogging system behind.

Ready Made API for Web and Mobile Apps

Sitemile provides you a ready made api for your app so you can spend time developing your app instead of setting up APIs. We provide you the boilerplate code to get your API up and running literally within 5 minutes time cutting your development time with a few dozen hours.

Launch in 1 Day

With our ready made api you can literally launch your MVP in 1 day, without spending time in setting up these things. And you can only focus on developing the parts of your app. Plus is done in php and is super easy to build on top other api endpoints. Start developing and launch your mvp today!

Full of features

Our ready made app solution comes with all needed features like: user login with jwt token, user registration, email, stripe integration, user profile, webhooks and so much more. Its well documented and expanding it is an easy task due to the ease of coding.

Excellent Documentation

We provide excellent documentation and options to expand this further to build your mvp literally within hours. On top of that, this is based on WordPress, and along with the great API, you will have an excellent front end area for your landing page, seo tools and other expanded functionality.