Hello guys,

We are proud to finally launch our long awaited theme, the Taskerdev Theme for wordpress, the job marketplace theme. This is the only theme that offers you a job marketplace in your website. People post chores that they need to be done and others offer their services. Also people can post jobs/gigs that they can do and others buy their services.

Our theme brings together the service providers and the job contractors together in one marketplace. To better understand this, think of famous websites using the same model, like peopleperhour.com or care.com or other successful niche website.


Below you will see a list of the key features you can find in our theme. For more information and for custom work you can contact us.

Features List

– ability to post tasks for other users to place proposals/offers for (freelancer model)
– users submit proposals for tasks they can do and task owner selects winner
– users are able to post services they can do and others can buy it (fiverr model)
– users communicate through integrated private messaging system
– all work and payments are done within the site due to private messaging system
– send downloadable files between users
– e-wallet and credit system with escrow ability
– themed dashboard for users
– themes login and register screens for users
– facebook and twitter login/register
– fully featured admin panel
– admin can view and control finances
– admin controls and moderates private messaging
– PayPal integrated alongside with bitcoins and other payment gateways

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